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Land of Elves - Rollenspiel / PVE / PVP! WoW Private Servers

Deutschsprachiger WotLK-, Rollenspiel- und Aufbau-Server. Variable Raten 1-4x. Gescriptete Instanzen. Nimm mit anderen Rollenspieler an regelmaessigen Events teil. Spielerzonen zum selber bebauen, Housing. Freundliche Community sowie viele neue Dinge

Queldorei WoW Wotlk Blizzlike progresivo! WoW Private Servers

Queldorei WoW Wotlk Blizzlike progresivo! Server Logo Servidor internacional Wotlk progresivo blizzlike 3.0.1 naxrramas y temporada arena season 5
Queldorei WoW Wotlk Blizzlike progresivo! Server Logo

Heron Server 9.1.0! WoW Private Servers

The only Hungarian Shadowlands Server. Its a Blizz Like Server with Exp Rate 1x Scripted bosses, Working Dungeons and Instances. Maintained by professional developers with Friendly Staff.

Slim-WoW all GM 3.3.5! WoW Private Servers

All Gamemaster 3.3.5 private server. Spawn objects, items, gold, full wrathful armors, make your own custom items. .cheat, .gm on, .gm fly, .mod speed, .item

EVOWOW Server [Blizzlike][3.3.5a][x3]! WoW Private Servers

EVOWOW Server [Blizzlike][3.3.5a][x3]! Server Logo EVOWOW Private Server. Low XP Rates, Anti-Cheat System, NO LAG, good GMs. Battlegrounds, ICC/RS Scripted. Custom Quests. Weekly Events. Weekly updates. Transmogrification. 99 Uptime. Referral System with great rewards.
EVOWOW Server [Blizzlike][3.3.5a][x3]! Server Logo

WARSONG - WotLK - Soloable Content! WoW Private Servers

WARSONG - WotLK - Soloable Content! Server Logo Warsong offers everything that a well made Blizzlike server has and in addition enables the players to experience most of the instanced content as a solo or in a smaller than the standard group size environment. Bigger achievements here have meaning
WARSONG - WotLK - Soloable Content! Server Logo


THE OLD WORLD VANILLA BY DESTINY WOW Server Logo Blizz-like 1x honor, professions, gold, experience A brand new vanilla server Miss the good old WoW Come and experience the original WoW the way it has to be.

WoW Origins - RPPVP Blizzlike 3.3.5a WoW Private Servers

WoW Origins - RPPVP Blizzlike 3.3.5a Server Logo Join a new WOTLK Blizzlike server NOW , Our goal is to provide a traditional experience at faster 1-2x rates with some improvements. See you there woworigins
WoW Origins - RPPVP Blizzlike 3.3.5a Server Logo

SoloCraft - PlayerBots - BattleBots WoW Private Servers

SoloCraft - PlayerBots - BattleBots Server Logo SoloCraft - PartyBots and BattleBots - Adjust your XP up to 3x - Smart AI Companions - NextGen WoW Server - 1000+ Online
SoloCraft - PlayerBots - BattleBots Server Logo

UX World of Warcraft WoW Private Servers

extension: 3.3.5amid rates: 3x weekdays, 5x weekendsfree startup items thru vote pointsThis game was created supposedly for friends but we decided to open it to let others play and bond with us

Everlook WoW Private Servers

Everlook, progressive vanilla, is the next great project to evolve off of the roots of Nostalrius and Lights Hope. We are a 1x progressive vanilla WoW private server No geolock Check out our Discord and website for more info

Oceanic War - WoTLK Dedicated Server WoW Private Servers

3x rates, attack anyone almost anywhere, gold stolen on death, scaled dungeons, cross-faction interaction, a hard but long term and rewarding experience.

WoW.Zero The Skull of Karma! WoW Private Servers

Join this great community playing WoW - Unete a WoW.Zero en un server Blizzlike, de mano de la comunidad de juegos MAS GRANDE DE HABLA HISPANA, ComunidadZero.

Todesschwinge! WoW Private Servers

Du hast langeweile und weisst nicht was du tun sollst Hast irgendwie gerade Lust auf WoW Cataclysm und findest keinen Server Dann bist du hier genau richtigBesuche doch den Deutschen Cataclysm Server Todesschwinge heisst dich herzlich Willkommen.

Northrend.gg Instant 80 Realm! WoW Private Servers

Northrend.gg is a WoTLK Server with Instant 80, Mythic+ Dungeons, Soloable Content, Scaled Raids, Scaled Instances and a Great Community

ReforgeCraft! WoW Private Servers

Enjoy unique ClassLess experience as you create any race/class combination for base and then build on it using spells/talents from any class and whatever stats u choose. Northrend has many custom systems: Random suffixes and chance of random chants o

Infernum World of Warcraft WoW Private Servers

Servidor Latino de World of Warcraft, Hosteado en Chile. Blizzlike Experiencia: x6, Drops moderados, equipo de desarrollo.

PugnaWoW WoW Private Servers

Pugna WoW 3.3.5a Server Features Insane PvP Instant level 255 30000 custom items PVP server with Balanced Classes Custom content BFA PVE server VIP /Transmog System Custom Enchants / Gems / Tiers Mall / Mall / Quests / Events /commands .mall , .buff

Iron Forges | Progressive | 1x WoW Private Servers

Iron Forges | Progressive | 1x Server Logo Blizzlike | Progression | Challenge Modes | Exp: 1x | Regular Updates | 3.3.5a | Uptime: 99.9% - 24/7 | Anti-DDoS 24/7 | AntiCheat | Votes with Rewards | Item Store | Cross-Faction |
Iron Forges | Progressive | 1x Server Logo

Kaelthas WoW! WoW Private Servers

Kaelthas WoW! Server Logo x10 Rate 3.3.5a Exp Weekend Event SoloLfg Crossfaction 100 Blizzlike Instances Germany
Kaelthas WoW! Server Logo