Rank Name Server Banner

Dekaron-Herotia Action9! Dekaron

pure A9 Vote coins Dshop,instant max 200,easy make items,ready for battle DKSQ this is PVP server Singgapore/Europe host

Dekaron Geist :::Gucci:::! Dekaron

[Free to play. You can get all items for free] [Instant Max Level] [In-game Registration] [and more Unique contents] [Join us Now] [Download Link in Discord]

Classic Action 6! Dekaron

Classic Action 6! Server Logo [New Max lvl 129 out since 01/05/2021][Old School Server][Genuine A6 Client][A2-A6 content][7 Classes][Starting lvl 1][Medium Rates][DKSQ][Siege War][Duels and PKing][Gated end game content][Download link in discord][Registration in login screen][Joi
Classic Action 6! Server Logo

Crystal Dekaron! Dekaron

Crystal Dekaron returns with classic a11 server, best pk/pvp mode, completely balanced characters, dedicated server, custom items, active staff, daily events and much more

NewBeginning A3 - Newbeginning A9! Dekaron

NewBeginning A3 - Newbeginning A9! Server Logo [Newbeginning][7 Characters][Pure A9][DKSQ][Colosium][bullion System][Professional Developers][vote for coins or reward]
NewBeginning A3 - Newbeginning A9! Server Logo

Dekaron Island Dekaron

[Dekaron Island Action 3],[6 Class],[Max Level 150],[+9 Upgrade Weapon/Armor],[Upgrade Armor/Weapon 95 Percent Succes],[Medium Exp [x5]],[Medium DropItem [x5]],[Dead Front Every 3 Hours], [High Dill at Dead Front]

Dekaron Rising [A9 BASED] + [SHOOTER] Dekaron

[RISING 2022 REVAMP UPDATE + TOWER OF MAGIC OPEN WORLD DUNGEON SYSTEM] [NEW CLASS - SEGITA SHOOTER] [Grand Meister Skills] [1000+ Players] [Professional Devs] [Perfect Class Balance] [Colo Rankings] [Weapon Skin System] [Farmable D-Shop/No Pay2Win

Decay Dekaron The New Reborn Dekaron

Decay Dekaron The New Reborn Server Logo [Brand New][Mixed Actions w/ 12 classes][PVP/FARM Based][Epic High Protection][Custom System][Custom rates][Custom Gameplay][Starting lvl 200] [Max lvl 230][DKSQ][Discrod][PP System][Skin System][Mass PVP][Opening: First Week of November]
Decay Dekaron The New Reborn Server Logo

Exile Dekaron Dekaron

Exile Dekaron Action 3 - 7 Balanced Class / Max Level 250 / Action 23 Items / Unique Argates / Unique 9Colors Fashion Update / Unique Redemption Code System / Freebies For New Comers +9 Gears and More / Come and Join Us

Crystal Dekaron Dekaron

[Old School Pserver 7 Class][Action 7 Armors]][ New Maps][Siege][New Wings ] ][190+ Armor][New Mobs][160+ Weapons][DF Doom][Max Level 250/[Great Community][24/7 Dedicated] daily events/Enjoy the Good Old Times No Pay2Win

Ethox Dekaron Dekaron

Action 3 - Fresh Dekaron Server / Deadfront Every 2 Hrs / Working Siege War / Max Level 250 / High EXP rate / High Drop Rate / Experience Old School Dekaron / Aloken Update / No Play to Win / Friendly Staff / Come and Join Us