Dekaron Servers

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Ethox Dekaron

Action 3 - Fresh Dekaron Server / Deadfront Every 2 Hrs / Working Siege War / Max Level 250 / High EXP rate / High Drop Rate / Experience Old School Dekaron / Aloken Update / No Play to Win / Friendly Staff / Come and Join Us

Dekaron-Herotia Action9!

pure A9 Vote coins Dshop,instant max 200,easy make items,ready for battle DKSQ this is PVP server Singgapore/Europe host


The Best and Only Core Dekaron A3 Reborn Server OLDEST Dekaron Server 12+ Years of Experience, Great Balance in PvP, No Pay2Win, Dshop per hour, login rewards, Vote for Coins and Exchange for Dshop items ,Custom Aura and daily events and much more

Dekaron Island

[Dekaron Island Action 3],[6 Class],[Max Level 150],[+9 Upgrade Weapon/Armor],[Upgrade Armor/Weapon 95 Percent Succes],[Medium Exp [x5]],[Medium DropItem [x5]],[Dead Front Every 3 Hours], [High Dill at Dead Front]

Dekaron Rising [A9 BASED] + [SHOOTER]

[RISING 2022 REVAMP UPDATE + TOWER OF MAGIC OPEN WORLD DUNGEON SYSTEM] [NEW CLASS - SEGITA SHOOTER] [Grand Meister Skills] [1000+ Players] [Professional Devs] [Perfect Class Balance] [Colo Rankings] [Weapon Skin System] [Farmable D-Shop/No Pay2Win

Decay Dekaron The New Reborn

Decay Dekaron The New Reborn Server Logo [Brand New][Mixed Actions w/ 12 classes][PVP/FARM Based][Epic High Protection][Custom System][Custom rates][Custom Gameplay][Starting lvl 200] [Max lvl 230][DKSQ][Discrod][PP System][Skin System][Mass PVP][Opening: First Week of November]
Decay Dekaron The New Reborn Server Logo

Dekaron Geist :::Gucci:::!

[Free to play. You can get all items for free] [Instant Max Level] [In-game Registration] [and more Unique contents] [Join us Now] [Download Link in Discord]

Dekaron Crystal[Retun]A7 REBORN!

[Old School Action 7][ 7 Class][5 Reborn][ New Maps][Siege][New Wings ][190+ Armor][New Mobs][160+A10 Weapons][DF Doom][Custom Maps][Custom Gems][Max Level 250/[Great Community][24/7 Dedicated] daily events/Enjoy the Good Old Times/ No Pay2Win/JOIN U

Dekaron Kingdom v2!

[DEKARON KINGDOM v2 - OFFICIAL LAUNCH] [Trans up 3] [[NEW]Instant Lvl 200 - Items Freebies] [Acquirable Dshop - F2P - Hourly Coins] [PVE/PVP Based] [Unique Contents] [High Rate Drops] [Siege/DKSQ/PTM/BR Works] [SECURED SERVER] [ACTIVE EVENTS / STAFF]

Exile Dekaron

Exile Dekaron Action 3 - 7 Balanced Class / Max Level 250 / Action 23 Items / Unique Argates / Unique 9Colors Fashion Update / Unique Redemption Code System / Freebies For New Comers +9 Gears and More / Come and Join Us

Classic Action 6!

Classic Action 6! Server Logo [New Max lvl 129 out since 01/05/2021][Old School Server][Genuine A6 Client][A2-A6 content][7 Classes][Starting lvl 1][Medium Rates][DKSQ][Siege War][Duels and PKing][Gated end game content][Download link in discord][Registration in login screen][Joi
Classic Action 6! Server Logo

Crystal Dekaron!

Crystal Dekaron returns with classic a11 server, best pk/pvp mode, completely balanced characters, dedicated server, custom items, active staff, daily events and much more

Crystal Dekaron

[Old School Pserver 7 Class][Action 7 Armors]][ New Maps][Siege][New Wings ] ][190+ Armor][New Mobs][160+ Weapons][DF Doom][Max Level 250/[Great Community][24/7 Dedicated] daily events/Enjoy the Good Old Times No Pay2Win

Flash Dekaron 12 Class!

[New Server Open 2/11/2021][Flash Dekaron][12 Classes][Dk-Square][Class Balance][New Weapons][New Gears][Siege Working][No Pay2Win][Custom Dungeons][Low Rates][Lvl Max200][Vote coins][Growth Blessing Enables to Teleport Multiple Return Points][Join U

NewBeginning A3 - Newbeginning A9!

NewBeginning A3 - Newbeginning A9! Server Logo [Newbeginning][7 Characters][Pure A9][DKSQ][Colosium][bullion System][Professional Developers][vote for coins or reward]
NewBeginning A3 - Newbeginning A9! Server Logo