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Malevolent FlyFF! Flyff Online

Malevolent FlyFF is the newest High Rate non p2w server. Earn dPoint while farming. Check out our worldboss system. Dive into all new worlds and Get strong with over 100 Rebirths, And defeat the enemy with daily siege and free-for-all.Join Today

Flyff ProGM V20 LATINO! Flyff Online

FlyFF ProGM V20 Servidor Latino Comenzando desde la v15 llegando hasta ahora a la v20 y aun seguimos actualizando y mejorando dia tras dia. Level Max 200 4to Job.

Lykan FlyFF v15! Flyff Online

Lykan FlyFF v15! Server Logo Lykan FlyFF is an upcoming nostalgic oldschool project which heavily focuses on the contentment of its community.
Lykan FlyFF v15! Server Logo

Good Flyff Server! Flyff Online

Good Flyff Server! Server Logo Free Donate, Custom Levels, Angry Grandma
Good Flyff Server! Server Logo

Dragon Cross - Flyff Pserver! Flyff Online

Dragon Cross - Flyff Pserver! Server Logo Multilanguage Client, Professions, Real Mounts to walk and fly, Tabbed Inv, Modelviewer, Logintime Bonus, Beginner Sets, 3D Maps, New Monster, 4th Job with new skills, Old/New Glow, Modelchange, PetGlow, 3xGuildsiege, VIP System, Pickup Scroll, Vote
Dragon Cross - Flyff Pserver! Server Logo

Saga Flyff! Flyff Online

Saga Flyff! Server Logo Saga FlyFF: Re-opened September 2017Exp: 250 Drop: 50 Penya: 250 4th Job. Max Level 300 Rebirth 25 Alchemy System with Plant system. Auto-job change, Red Chip shop, Perin shop, Fashion Combination, Teleportation System a
Saga Flyff! Server Logo

King of Kintaro Flyff Online

King of Kintaro Server Logo King of Kintaro - is a new V21 Server with many custom features Beta started Join us now
King of Kintaro Server Logo

Viera Kingdom Flyff Online

Viera Kingdom Server Logo Viera Kingdom Chapter 1 Majors Vision is the first alpha version of a community project. If you want create your own flyff privat server enjoy our growing community
Viera Kingdom Server Logo

Culture Flyff - Classic Unique Features Flyff Online

You are looking for pleasure novelty stability We have what you are looking for This server full of novelty created by one of the French pillars will satisfy you Find new PvE and PvP game systems on Culture Flyff

Eternal Kingdom - Whipmaster Update Flyff Online

Whipmaster CAP: SLv.25 Loyalty Points: Otherworld Dungeons, Gaia Sanctuary, Vault of Eternity Active Sky Tower New Eidolons, Mounts, Fashions, Weapons and Gears The most friendly Aura Kingdom P-Server