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Yolo Rohan - Live! Rohan

[08/24/2021] Major update, 2+ years uptime, most updated server, 500+ online reached, Veteran staff, big community, Ashkeena, ED, Power Arena, PvE maps, Diamonds, Celestial/Divine gear, Bosses, Events, Hunter kit, Elites, Special Costumes, Pets, IP T

G.O.D Rohan! Rohan

G.O.D Rohan! Server Logo Lastest Rohan version with New UI and Ultimate Max conqueror +50 for more information please visit US
G.O.D Rohan! Server Logo

Infinity Rohan Rohan

Infinity Rohan Server Logo Max Level 115Max Hero Level 50Max Ultimate Level 5PVP/E Server StylePlayers gathering Place : Fishing Hole / HazyPlay to Win Server style Exp : 150xDrop : HighCrone : HighRefine Level 70Forge Rate: Rare 90/ Unique 70/Ancient 50
Infinity Rohan Server Logo