Rank Name Server Banner

Lastchaos Signature EP4! Last Chaos

Exp x5 Sp x 100 Gold x 1Pet p1 x 3Ep3 skill systemNo elementEp3 skill 100 system Custom interfaceCustom moonstone rewardNew more custom itemCheap cash itemFree cash ticket system

DejaVu Last Chaos EP4! Last Chaos

DejaVu Last Chaos EP4! Server Logo Level Cap: 157 - 70 Cooldown Reduction - Alber Faction System - Old Strayana Caves - Akan Temple - Soul of Nightshadow - No Jewels - Weekly Royal Rumble - Client available in GER, ENG, FR, IT, ESP, BRZ
DejaVu Last Chaos EP4! Server Logo

LastChaos Warfare! Last Chaos

Max 190/AntiHack/Custom title seal/Mail System, Link items in chat. Buff Remove/EXP High/Free SP/Drop High/Gold High/Cash NPC/Events/AutoIgni-Pickup/Auto Skill/PVP Balance/Premium Char/Return Player Reward/Custom Message System/Warfare Battle/Insigni

Cybernetic-LC! Last Chaos

Deutscher Last Chaos EP4 Privat Server.::..Keine Hohen EXP Raten..:: ::..Kleine Shop Preise..:: ::..Online Cash..:: ::..Levelcap 185..:: ::..Neue Chaos-Clubs..::

SecretFire! Last Chaos

We are an stable server,a Fun episode 4 server with active Staff, we have daily login rewards. We listen to all suggestions and ideas from players. Come make it grow with us we are back. Enjoy

Legacy Last Chaos Ep.4 Last Chaos

Legacy Last Chaos Ep.4 Server Logo -- Open November 1 2022 -- Level Cap 175 -- New Custom Map -- Quest Line -- 100 CD -- Custom Rates -- Balanced PVP --
Legacy Last Chaos Ep.4 Server Logo

Insomnia Last Chaos Last Chaos

Max 165 - Exp x5 - SP Free - Gold x4 - PvP Balance System - Auto Systems - We are on beta, all players will receive free cash Come with us.

Asteria Last Chaos Last Chaos

weekly spending - color name - custom name - daily login quest - buff panel - buff pet fairy - class exchange - auto moonstone/lacaball - pvp rank - pve rank - custom accessory - Remove Self Buffs - Donate Tier Spender - much more

Spectrum LastChaos Last Chaos

Spectrum LastChaos Server Logo Max Level 110, 100 CD, Custom Rates, Ep2 Interface, Reworked Maps, New Maps, New Boss, New Systems, Exchange Class, No Jewel and much more awesome features. Join Us.
Spectrum LastChaos Server Logo