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Private Priston tale! PristonTale

This is a personal server, created with the purpose of entertainment and no competition. High exp system and easy item, if you play for business, then this is not the place for you.PLAY FOR THE PARENT AND WITH PRISTON TALE LIVE ON THE TIME.

ClassicPK PristonTale

ClassicPK Server Logo Um servidor Classico no modo PK
ClassicPK Server Logo

Warlast PristonTale

RPG Classic Priston Tale

World Priston Tale PristonTale

NO P2W - Bringing a unique experience, enjoy with the best - [11 Class, Tier 4, 30x Rates] - NEW: Dungeons, Animations, War Mode, Mounts, New Systems, Shadows, HD Engine, Caravans, Classic Gameplay, Solo/Daily/Party Quests, RAID and much more

Wartale PristonTale

Wartale Server Logo NEW EXCLUSIVE MAP, NEW TIER 5 SKILLS, PROFESSIONS, DUNGEONS, MOUNTS, SKINS, BOSS BATTLES, BRAWLER CLASS, World Map, Action Bar, HD Engine, Dyes, PvP Wars, Rich Quests, Caravans, New Items, New Maps, Events, all True original content - no WoW ripping
Wartale Server Logo