Ragnarok Online Servers

Rank Name Server Banner

Tenarius RO! Ragnarok Online

Tenarius RO! Server Logo Pre-Renewal, Ep. 13.2. International Server, Host in U.S.A. Professions System.Rates 15x/15x/15x.Max Lvl 99/70.Normal Cards 15x.Item/Cards Boss, Mini Boss y MVP 3x.Quest Exp amp Repeteable 7xGepard Shield 3.0Multilevel: 5 lvlMax accounts open: 3 acco
Tenarius RO! Server Logo

Ragnarok Battle of Midgard! Ragnarok Online

Ragnarok Battle of Midgard! Server Logo Play RO - High rate with style and unique server featuresThis is not your typical HR server This is not a fast-phase server.Play Official settings in High Rate modeActive GM 1k/10x/10x 99/70 Official Settings Active Events PvP, BG, WoE Oriented
Ragnarok Battle of Midgard! Server Logo

UniRO Reborn Ragnarok Online

UniRO Reborn Server Logo Servidor custom pre renewal de Ragnarok Online / Rates Exp 10x Items 10x Cards 20x MVP Items 5x MVP Cards 3x / Objetos custom / Nuevas dungeons / Quests unicas / Unete ya
UniRO Reborn Server Logo

LeikaRO Ragnarok Online! Ragnarok Online

LeikaRO Ragnarok Online! Server Logo LeikaRO is an unique low-rate renewal server under constant development. Hercules based and heavily tweaked in order to deal with the the vast majority of bugs and issues. Rates: x15/x15/x10, Boss Cards: x1, No renewal EXP and drop penalties. Heavy f
LeikaRO Ragnarok Online! Server Logo

PlayRO! Ragnarok Online

New Russian server PlayRO.Episode 17.2 Rates: 7x7x5

retRO Online - Episode 6 - 1x/1x/1x/1x! Ragnarok Online

Pre-renewal- follows the development of the classic euRO server, currently at Episode 6- Renewal and 3rd Jobs will never be implemented- There is no donation system and no cash shop, which means absolutely no pay2win. Master Storage.

LegendsRO! Ragnarok Online

Server RatesBase/JobExp: 7000xNormal Cards: 10MVP Cards: 5Rare Cards: 1Server InfoTranscendent JobsUnfrost amp PK ServerEco-based ServerBase/JobLv: 255/120Max Atk Spd: 196Max Stats: 255Insta Cast: 150Max Guild Cap: 76WoE Guild Cap - TBDGame and HostD

OdinRO Ragnarok Online

OdinRO Server Logo Welcome to OdinRO we are a Renewal 2x2x1x server just released, we have some costume settings and more to come -Color palettes -!Commands -Costume for tokens -Shop EQ without payment (in progress) -Weekend Events -etc 3 class available
OdinRO Server Logo

Elements - RO! Ragnarok Online

The server is HIGH RATE and base on PRE-RENEWAL gameplay. Free to Play, No Pay To Win, No Donation Server. Let your journey begins here. Come join the excitement with us

aeRO Gaming Artificial Entertainment! Ragnarok Online

High rate(999/80) Mid rate(255/80)Low rate(99/70)Friendly GMs and Supportive, Daily events, Stable and Dedicated, 100 balance server guaranteed. WoR and many EVENTS (2200+players). Give us a try _

Card Captor RO :: Collect all cards! Ragnarok Online

Card Captor RO :: Collect all cards! Server Logo 5/5/5 99/50 ALL cards give permanent bonus to account NO multi-client [Gepard Shield 3.0] Maps of the Day Auto-Events 300 Costume hats + wings Host in US-East Ep 12 [Launched 16th March]
Card Captor RO :: Collect all cards! Server Logo

Arunafeltz Ragnarok Online! Ragnarok Online

Arunafeltz Ragnarok Online! Server Logo Arunafeltz Ragnarok Online Try us now
Arunafeltz Ragnarok Online! Server Logo

Pokerag Sapphire : Pokemon Ragnarok! Ragnarok Online

Servidor totalmente customizado e com sistemas exclusivos. Cerca de 400 pokemon disponiveis. Totalmente baseado nos jogos originais.Ability, Shiny, Nature, EVs, IVs, Duelos, partidas multiplayer, capturas, pescaria, colheita e muito mais. Venha ser u

heRO Server [A Heroic Experience of RO]! Ragnarok Online

heRO Server [A Heroic Experience of RO]! Server Logo Become a hero + 5/5/3 Pre-Renewal + Stable for 13+ Years + Fishing Mining + Many Full Custom Dungeons + Exp/Rewards for participating in WoE BG + Light VS Dark Allegiance + Trials of Heroes + 100+ Hairstyles + Lots of Events Unique Quests + No Du
heRO Server [A Heroic Experience of RO]! Server Logo