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MapleSonus MapleStory

MapleSonus Server Logo We strive to bring you a nostalgic server with modern and custom amenities. Custom Mining, No HP Washing, NPC Crafting, Mob Points, Fishing, Custom Spell Trace, Custom Commands and many more unique features.
MapleSonus Server Logo

My-MS v0.83! MapleStory

.High-Rate.1000 EXP250 Mesos1 Drop.v0.83.Skill-Maxer.IOC.Vote-Rewards.Auto-JQ.MSI.BossPQ.GM-Job.Custom-WZ.Custom-MAPS.CatDoll-Currency.Custom-Hair/Face.Discord.AutoRB.AutoDoll.ItemVAC.Donor-Features.SuperDonor-Features.Much More