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Everlook, progressive vanilla, is the next great project to evolve off of the roots of Nostalrius and Lights Hope. We are a 1x progressive vanilla WoW private server No geolock Check out our Discord and website for more info

Full Description

Welcome to Everlook We are whats known as a Legacy Server project, which seeks to emulate the experience of playing the game in its earliest iterations. Vanilla World of Warcraft to be exact. If youve ever wanted to see what it was like back in 2004 then this is the place to be. Our goal is to maintain the same feel and structure as the realmsback then while maintaining an open platform for development and operation. Progressive itemization and content release is our goal. In order to join, youll need to create an account in our system. This will be your game account. Make sure to make your username and password unique to this project and dont use your future character name as youraccount name Existing users can access your account control panel through the Log In button at the top. Here you can manage your security options, such as enabling Two Factor Authentication and changing your password. We will be expanding this area with new features soon, so keep an eye on our announcements for more information. Be sure to visitus in Discord, subscribe to our Subreddit, or take a look at our Github to see how it all works. We cant wait for you to join us in game set realmlist Need wow client version 1.12.1 to play. Launch is November 11, 2022. World of Warcraft Progressive Vanilla server 1x experience/1x drop rate. PvP server. 1 server with currentmax camp of 20k players. No cash shop. Honor system will be available from launch. Warsong Gulch and Arathi Basin will be available one month later to incentivize world pvp but not overly encourage griefing. Battlemasters will be available a month after that or 2 months after server launch. Alterac Valley will be available in patch 1.5 whenoriginally released. Ranking gear will be obtainable based on lifetime highest rank. Items will change throughout the patch cycles. For instance, compare Savage Gladiator chain in patch 1.2 to patch 1.12. There will be no geolock on the server. This means that anyone from all over the world is welcome to play. Please note that this is not the sameas account specific geolock which helps secure your account. A 1.12.1 client will be required to play. A 1.12.1 client can be download from different locations throughout the internet including DKPminus. World buffs like Rallying Cry of the Dragonslayer, Spirit of the Zandalar, Warchiefs Blessing will be available and the ones that can bedispelled will be dispellable. There will be no cooldowns on the worldbuff NPCs. Debuff slots will be progressive. Until patch 1.7, there will be a maximum of 8 debuffs. Patch 1.7 and later will have a maximum of 16 debuffs. Content is tuned to Northdale/Lights Hope difficulty while build off of the vMaNGOS core with Lights Hope mob values.Dungeon gimmicks will be based on Lights Hope. For example, combat lock in UBRS Rend event. There will be no sharding or layers, but there will be dynamic respawns when an areas population is very high. Advertising of boosting services is prohibited. Selling tanking/healing service is allowed. Both GDKPs and real money transactions involvinggold or gear are prohibited, and will lead to account closure. In addition, gambling amp death rolling are prohibited. The server timeline will be two years, starting in patch 1.2 and moving to patch 1.12.1, progressing from patch to patch approximately every two months. Lupos will do shadow damage from the start but respawn timer will bedifferent and spawn location will be randomized. Black lotus will not be soulbound. Noggenfogger will not have a cooldown. Post 1.9 Elixir of Poison Resistance. Alterac Valley will be on the 1.12.1 map. Black lotus can spawn as well as other herbs and mining nodes/land mines. Negative resistances and spell vulnerability will work until theirrespective patch. Old mounts will be available on the first patch of the server. Item proc rates from Lights Hope values.

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