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SoloCraft - PlayerBots - BattleBots

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SoloCraft - PartyBots and BattleBots - Adjust your XP up to 3x - Smart AI Companions - NextGen WoW Server - 1000+ Online

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SoloCraft is a vanilla (1.12.1) server with custom features such as PartyBots and BattleBots.Our server is running on a dedicated linux server at the latest version of vMaNGOS with a great AntiCheat system.The XP and profession rates are set to 3x.(You are able to change your XP rate between 1-3 through the command .mod xp)Each character is able to learn all professions (10).You will learn all flight paths once you create a character.Mail delivery delay is reduced to 5 mins instead of 60 mins which will speed up all transactions.All raids are unlocked and attunements are removed.Crossfaction chat, party and guilds are enabled.AHBot: The Auction house is always filled with items for a fair price which will not affect the server economy.The AI companions will adjust their level to yours and will auto equip pre-set gear according to their level.BattleBots are smart AI companions playing like a regular players, buffing, healing, fighting, doing objectives, capping flags and taking bases at battlegrounds.Our main goal is to have fun while you can play safely.

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