Rank Name Server Banner

Novamu Non Reset October 28 Mu Online

Novamu Non Reset October 28 Server Logo Non Reset, 25000 Level, New Lock Items, New Unique Quests, New Items Upgrade,Rage Fighter Delete, Season 6 Episode 3
Novamu Non Reset October 28 Server Logo

Agate Online 110 Cap - PVE Balanced Silkroad Online

Agate Online  110 Cap - PVE  Balanced Server Logo Greetings Silkroad Warriors.Its time to prepare for the greatest adventure.
Agate Online  110 Cap - PVE  Balanced Server Logo

Continentes Mu Pyro Mu Online

Continentes Mu Pyro Season 2 50x y Season 6 500x

AresConquer 5095 Clasic Conquer Online

Max Level: 137English is The Main LanguagePVP Events amp PVE QuestsNew Custom amp New EventsElite pk, Dragon War, and much more new events you have never seenrop now is Prof Token, Stones, DragonBalls, Gold

Eternal Kingdom - Whipmaster Update Flyff Online

Whipmaster CAP: SLv.25 Loyalty Points: Otherworld Dungeons, Gaia Sanctuary, Vault of Eternity Active Sky Tower New Eidolons, Mounts, Fashions, Weapons and Gears The most friendly Aura Kingdom P-Server

TESAConquer V5095 Conquer Online


Antares2 Old-/Middleschool Metin2

Old-/Middleschool Server Max. Level 105 Max. Equipment 105 A lot of Quality of Life No Alchemy and much more..

NexusGaming - V 5095 Conquer Online

[Hospedado Brasil] [Versao 5095] [Drop CPS + DB] [Super Drop Diario Cps, Stones, Gemas] [Boss Citys] [HellZone ] [Boss GuildWAR] [Eventos Novos] [Super GvG 2 dias na Semana] [Matar ou Morrer] [Eventos Exclusivos/Novos]

ShaiyaVolcano Shaiya

ShaiyaVolcano Server Logo Shaiya Volcanoa Ep 5.4 Instant Level 70 Kill x2Max lapis Lv7 costumes Buff
ShaiyaVolcano Server Logo

Shaiya Mania 5.4 Episode 6 Features Shaiya

Shaiya Mania 5.4 Episode 6 Features Server Logo Shaiya Episode 5.4 with EP6 FeaturesCustom Gears to soon be addedPets,Wings,Costumes AddedNew Maps are planned. Level 70 Max Lvl 80 PlannedEXP x 200Pvp Kill Rate x1 Custom AH UI Anti Cheat Systems activeFast DDOS Protected serverActive friendly Staff
Shaiya Mania 5.4 Episode 6 Features Server Logo

RAN MFC Episode 10 Ran Online

280/237 High Rate Gameplay

Spectrum LastChaos Last Chaos

Spectrum LastChaos Server Logo Max Level 110, 100 CD, Custom Rates, Ep2 Interface, Reworked Maps, New Maps, New Boss, New Systems, Exchange Class, No Jewel and much more awesome features. Join Us.
Spectrum LastChaos Server Logo

x100 server S6 Ep16 Opening 21.october Mu Online

x100 server S6 Ep16 Opening 21.october Server Logo Strike MuOnline. 2 Servers X500,PPL-5/7,Stats burns after res,Max stats 32767,Lot of Invasions,New fresh server. Big credit prizes in first month. Best voter awards,easy GM application. X100 Opening 21.october
x100 server S6 Ep16 Opening 21.october Server Logo

Nexus Gaming Classic Launched 9/23/2022 Conquer Online

Nexus Gaming Classic Launched 9/23/2022 Server Logo [5017 version] [FullResolution] [WorldChat] [Unique Player Commands] [Red/Black dropping] [Events] [Mid Rates] [Cosmetics] [Max Level 130] [Max +9] [2nd RB] [No Bless] [NO CPs] [NO Potency] [No Lotterry]
Nexus Gaming Classic Launched 9/23/2022 Server Logo

Silkroad Alibaba Silkroad Online

Capacity 5000 / Cap 110 CH-EU Mastery 330/220 Balanced / Play with friends benefits / Win Silk From Voting / Limit Job: 1 / SP Solo 120x EXP / SP Party 150x / Drop Rate 10x / Gold Rate 5x / Sox Rate 5x / Job Exp 10x / IP Limit: 8 Accounts

El_Adly Conquer Online

El_Adly Server Logo Conquer[El_Adly]Last[v6383][Perfect ping][no lag][Max level 140][+12][2RBs][P7][Anti-Cheat][Drop 1-10 VIP6 1-20][Bosses][More than +50 PVP/PVE events][GM events]AttacksDeityLand,BossRankings,Poker No bug [2021-2022]
El_Adly Server Logo

World Priston Tale PristonTale

NO P2W - Bringing a unique experience, enjoy with the best - [11 Class, Tier 4, 30x Rates] - NEW: Dungeons, Animations, War Mode, Mounts, New Systems, Shadows, HD Engine, Caravans, Classic Gameplay, Solo/Daily/Party Quests, RAID and much more

CoTowers 5699 PVE Castellano amp Ingles Conquer Online

NO HAMACHIPVE Spanish and English server

Aion Daeva Classic NA Server Aion Online

[Classic NA Server] [Server Location: Canada] [x2 Rates] [All Quests Working] [No Pay2Win] [Active Community/Staffs] [Aion Retailed Based Gameplay]

Aether-MU S6 Mu Online

Aether-MU S6 Server Logo Server Medium Rate - 50, Stat 32K, Mix goblin 4th Wings, Crafted items, XShop Items, Vote Reward, Active GMs, Easy, online 24/7 , Longterm fun server
Aether-MU S6 Server Logo

UniRO Reborn Ragnarok Online

UniRO Reborn Server Logo Servidor custom pre renewal de Ragnarok Online / Rates Exp 10x Items 10x Cards 20x MVP Items 5x MVP Cards 3x / Objetos custom / Nuevas dungeons / Quests unicas / Unete ya
UniRO Reborn Server Logo