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EmpireOfMetin2 EoM2 Metin2

Started Before 2 days.
The grand opening of the EoM2 international server will be on 24-May-2024 at 17.30 UTC time

MuCustoms - Config for MuOnline Servers Mu Online

Visit our site! Configs & Customs for MuOnline servers! All versions supported from 97d to Season 19. We work with all private emulators. We are specialists creating MuOnline Servers!

nifeRO Ragnarok Online

nifeRO Server Logo Experience the adventure of a lifetime in the world of Ragnarok Online! Are you prepared to overcome new challenges and create unforgettable memories with the nifeRO?
nifeRO Server Logo

New Chance Ultima Online

New Chance est un serveur Ultima Online francophone qui se veut RP et de bonne entente. Le role play est la principale raison de ce shard, tout en profitant pleinement de tout ce que l’on peut faire en jeu, seul ou à plusieurs. N’hésitez pas à venir sur l

Opening 03.05.2024 Mu Online

Opening 03.05.2024 Server Logo Version: Season 6 Episode 3 Part 18
Opening 03.05.2024 Server Logo

UO Dreams World (Odessa) Ultima Online

UO Dreams World (Odessa) Server Logo - Squires - Custom mobs - Pet breeding - Pet leveling - Item leveling - No skill limit - Custom dungeons - Custom currencies - Full-featured training area - Fully active development staff - Choose 10 skills of 100 each at the start
UO Dreams World (Odessa) Server Logo

Mapko Online Tales of Pirates

Mapko Online Server Logo Tales of pirates private server with Unique Features and New Systems, New Classes Ninja, elf, and more, Story Newbie Quest, Balanced Maps for newbies, New Maps, Guildwar, Week PVP, Daily Quests, Monthly Content and Events.
Mapko Online Server Logo

RF Reforged RF Online

RF Reforged Server Logo A new international project of the game RFonline - Reforged.
RF Reforged Server Logo

L2COBA-LTD Lineage2

Unique Game base to pvp suitable server. XP/450

Grand Open 12/04/2024 Mu Online

Grand Open 12/04/2024 Server Logo Season 3 Ultimate: Exp: x350 [Premium x400]; Drop: 20% [Premium 25%]; Master Exp: x10 [Premium x15];
Grand Open 12/04/2024 Server Logo

OldschoolRO - Midrate Ragnarok Online

OldschoolRO - Midrate Server Logo OsRO Mid-Rate is a Private Ragnarok Online Server running on the latest hercules emulator. We have exclusive server features and rates of 150x/150x/, which enable for a great experience. We also feature many custom items, quest, NPCs, StoryLine Quests, Da
OldschoolRO - Midrate Server Logo

Rappelz Tournament Rappelz

Rappelz Tournament Server Logo Discover the ultimate Rappelz private server experience. Come on an experience with us, supported by a warm, welcoming community and a team that is incredibly involved and kind. An incredible Rappelz adventure awaits you.
Rappelz Tournament Server Logo

LeGendaryRoad Silkroad Online

LeGendaryRoad Server Logo 5 years Online Cap 140 Degree 15 Race CH & EURMestrey 280/420Max Plus 15 No ADVAuto Events Enabled free silk EnabledJop Temple EnabledCTF Enabled
LeGendaryRoad Server Logo

Interlude x1 Classic Lineage2

Interlude x1 Classic Server Logo Opening - January, 12 NoP2W, 2 windows, No bots! Beta Test - January, 5
Interlude x1 Classic Server Logo

Novamu x50 02.02.2024 Mu Online

Novamu x50 02.02.2024 Server Logo Welcome to the Novamu Online x50 Classic + Custom With 6 Stages , Maximum Reset 50, Maximum Grand Reset 10 , Season 6 , New Quests, New Crafts, New Maps and NonPVP Maps
Novamu x50 02.02.2024 Server Logo

L2Ghostlands x4 ★★★★★ Lineage2

L2Ghostlands x4 ★★★★★ Server Logo ✅NO DONATIONS ✅NO PAY 2 WIN ✅NO BOTS 🎯 Vote reward system 🎯 Tons of Classic Events 🎯 Working Raids, Wars, Olympiad! Open January 12th 2024 18:00 GMT+2!!!
L2Ghostlands x4 ★★★★★ Server Logo

MU DarkTimes Mu Online

New Mu online server start TODAY (01.12.2023) Exp 100% Version 97D+99i NO LAG more info in discord or website M<3

Grand Open 27.01.2024 Mu Online

Version: Season 6 Maximum Experience rate: x35 ML experience rate: 5% Drop rate: 30% Max Level: 400 Max Level ML: 200 Max stats: 32767 Ragnarok Online Server Logo Server START May 8 (05/08/2024) | PRE-RE | Rate 5x/5x/10x | Max Lv. 50/50 Server Logo

Half-life Server Half Life

Half-life Classic Server