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Server Name L2Etina x3 Interlude
Game Lineage2
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L2Etina x3 Interlude

x3 Interlude on Classic Client, No Dual box, No Bots, No p2w Long-term project, minimum few years uptime

Full Description

Welcome to L2Etina For those who didnt play before, L2Etina is an Interlude Chronicle with Classic Client. It means game interface is new and that we have a lot of cool features like radar, mail, Item Search Window, Seed Auction, Buff Stores. Gameplay stays the same as on Interlude though, so there arent any changes to skills, bosses, dropsetc. We are aiming to provide a long-term server without any kind of wipe. Rates: Experience: 3x Skill Points: 3x Adena Drop: 2x Item Drop: 2x Seal Stones Drop: 2x Spoil Rate: 2x Raid/Epic Boss Experience: 1x Raid/Epic Boss Skill Points: 1x Raid/Epic Boss Drop: 1x Quest Reward Experience: 2x Quest Reward SP: 2x Quest Reward Items/Adena: 1x QuestItem Drop Rate: Gather the Flames: 1x Relics of the Old Empire: 1x Alliance with Varka Silenos: 1x Alliance with Ketra Orcs: 1x War with Ketra: 1x War with Varka: 1x Third Class Quests: 1x Seekers of the Holy Grail: 1x Guardians of the Holy Grail: 1x The Finest Food: 1x Four Goblets: 1x Legacy of Insolence: 1x Exploration of the Giants Cave, PartI amp II: 1x Coins of Magic: 1x Seductive Whisper: 1x Other Quest Item Drop Rate: 2x Dangerous Seduction: Requires First Class Transfer Kamael: A Window to the Future: Requires First Class Transfer Enchant Rates: Safe Enchant: +3 Safe Enchant Full-Armor: +4 Max Enchant: +16 Enchanting Chance: 66 Fighter Weapon 40 Mage Weapon Skills: Skillslearned by Skills Panel Spell Books are required for Skill Learning Retail amount of Buff Slots Retail Buff Duration Skills can be enchanted by Skills Panel Bosses Respawn Duration: Cabrio, Kernon, Golkonda, Hallate: 20 - 24 hours Flame of Splendor Barakiel: 16 - 20 hours Queen Ant: 34 - 36 hours Orfen: 46 - 48 hours Core: 58 - 60 hours Zaken: 58- 60 hours Baium: 164 - 168 hours Frintezza: 44 - 48 hours Antharas: 260 - 264 hours Valakas: 260 - 264 hours Other Features: All epics and raidbosses alive at the server start No Dual Box No Auto Pick Up You will be able to join Seven Signs amp collect Seal Stones from Monday 19th September and the first Validation Period will begin on Monday26th September. Siege of each castle takes place every 2 weeks Castle Sieges will take place every 2 weeks. First castle sieges will be on 2nd October Heroes are selected every 2 weeks First olympiad period will begin on 1st November First heroes will appear on 15th November Cursed Weapons will be available on 1st October Clan Hall amp Castlenpcs can now buff pets Alliance buffs are affecting pets amp summons Seal Stones drops are evenly split between party members Scrolls acquired from Dimensional Diamonds cannot be sold Classic Game Client: Modern look of the game Improved performance No Critical Errors Tons of new Game Settings and Interface Windows Damage on the Screen HealthsBars Mail Radar Cloaks Party Tokens Skill Learning Panel New Skills Enchanting Items on Chat Npc Debuff Info Improved Clan Notice Editing Quick Status Actions Exp Bar and redesigned Main Menu Friend Manager Quest Areas on the Map Redesigned Character Creation Clan Ranking Redesigned Past Olympiad Ranking Colorful System Messages No Adena Limit Youcan choose between New Herb Style, Retail Herb Style amp no Herbs at all Custom Features: Guide Window provides all important information about Lineage II and L2Etina Soul Crystal Window shows which monsters you need to hunt and which Soul Crystal you need for your weapon Bot Reporting Function and Smart Guard provides playing without Bots ItemSearch window allows you to find every possible source of getting item that you are interested in Buff Store allows automatic buff sales Offline Private Store Sales Seed Auction allows everyone to take part in manor Shady Man allows to purchase info about respawn of Subclass Raid Bosses Fishing system is disabled Automatic Twitch Rewards RankingWindow Automatic Crystallization Sales Exit Game Statistics

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