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Aion Daeva Classic NA Server

[Classic NA Server] [Server Location: Canada] [x2 Rates] [All Quests Working] [No Pay2Win] [Active Community/Staffs] [Aion Retailed Based Gameplay]

Cabal OG Revolution!

2x Drop, EP8 TO LATEST, FARM TO WIN, FORCE WING SYSTEM, Daily Activeness System, Auto Honor Rank 10, Fix for Wizard Staffs, Damage Calculator, Fixed Skill cooldown System, Balance 6 classes, Bike Costume System, Zoom in maps/dungeons, Damage Unlimit,

Melody2War - Prelude of War amp Gr.Crusade!

Our server is a classic concept with its own gameplay. Weve implemented most of the content from the Prelude of War chronicles and previous chronicles, respectively.

Aether-MU S6

Aether-MU S6 Server Logo Server Medium Rate - 50, Stat 32K, Mix goblin 4th Wings, Crafted items, XShop Items, Vote Reward, Active GMs, Easy, online 24/7 , Longterm fun server
Aether-MU S6 Server Logo

RappelzTournament !

RappelzTournament ! Server Logo EXP X400 DROP X100 QUEST GOLD X100 TAMING X10. The Exodus Update is Live An active and International server. Experience our custom content and events. Join the adventure and be part of our fast growing community. Over 5500 already registered and
RappelzTournament ! Server Logo

Ragnarok Battle of Midgard!

Ragnarok Battle of Midgard! Server Logo Play RO - High rate with style and unique server featuresThis is not your typical HR server This is not a fast-phase server.Play Official settings in High Rate modeActive GM 1k/10x/10x 99/70 Official Settings Active Events PvP, BG, WoE Oriented
Ragnarok Battle of Midgard! Server Logo

UniRO Reborn

UniRO Reborn Server Logo Servidor custom pre renewal de Ragnarok Online / Rates Exp 10x Items 10x Cards 20x MVP Items 5x MVP Cards 3x / Objetos custom / Nuevas dungeons / Quests unicas / Unete ya
UniRO Reborn Server Logo

L2Hell 2013-03-18

UO Darwinism!

UO Darwinism [TOL][] US Central Based Shard with piping fast internet No skill caps, 450 Stat Cap, Fast gains, Custom Cities, Custom Dungeons, Custom Items, Custom Quests, Custom crafting, Druid/Cleric Spells, Animal Breeding, Bioengineering,


LastVersion[2D][NoPayToPlay][Free staff +12][free Chi epic - jiang epic][Drop 5,000 Cps][CTF][Elitepk][SGuildWar][Teampk][OnlinePoints][attack like Conquer online][All class is fixed][ping less than 100 and good fps][Strong Trojan][strong monk][stron

MU Episodes - Unique Game Project

No Resets, Grand Resets. Max level: 15 000.Dynamic gameplay. Every new game episode includes new characters, monsters, maps, pets, quests, weapons, and armor.

L2Nerufa Custom *


Shaiya-Deathnote! Server Logo EP4 PVEPVP Server max level 90 mit diversen Bosse verteilt fast alles farmbar nur ein bisschen zeit mitbringen reinschauen lohn sicht
Shaiya-Deathnote! Server Logo

CABAL Dark Tempest!

CABAL Dark Tempest! Server Logo GL/FG Available Medium Rate Craft System Divine Upgrade Featuring PANDORAS BOX, we are the first private server to have this Developed by: CodesON
CABAL Dark Tempest! Server Logo

Metin2Neoria Pvp Pvm

Ce va ASTEAPTA Cadou de bun venit site il luati din itemShopStaff Prietenos +18Sistem Vote4Coins Pe site Multe systeme noi si frumoase Multe peturi [ aveti pet de inceput Pvm ]Si multe altele va asteptam pe server pentru a descoperi impreuna


Queldorei WoW Wotlk Blizzlike progresivo!

Queldorei WoW Wotlk Blizzlike progresivo! Server Logo Servidor internacional Wotlk progresivo blizzlike 3.0.1 naxrramas y temporada arena season 5
Queldorei WoW Wotlk Blizzlike progresivo! Server Logo

Argent WoW!

Argent WoW! Server Logo Argent WoW is a new WoTLK server with some major changes and custom content.New and improved racials.Tweaking Classes Scorch castable while moving, Disengage usable out of combat.Custom rares with good loot.
Argent WoW! Server Logo

Demo Morpheus

Demo Morpheus Server Logo
Demo Morpheus Server Logo


MasoniaMU x99999 Opening 11 DECEMBER!


Dragon Cross - Flyff Pserver!

Dragon Cross - Flyff Pserver! Server Logo Multilanguage Client, Professions, Real Mounts to walk and fly, Tabbed Inv, Modelviewer, Logintime Bonus, Beginner Sets, 3D Maps, New Monster, 4th Job with new skills, Old/New Glow, Modelchange, PetGlow, 3xGuildsiege, VIP System, Pickup Scroll, Vote
Dragon Cross - Flyff Pserver! Server Logo

Glory Conquer 3D [HardampEasy]

Glory Conquer 3D [HardampEasy] Server Logo Conquer Version 7110 - [Drop Cps + DBs + Stones + Items] - Title System - Free VIP 4 - Free Start items and much - Creative EventsActive customer service 24/7Town 2D Style For Some Old MemoryAny one Will Be welcome In our Famliy
Glory Conquer 3D [HardampEasy] Server Logo