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MondoAion Classic - Italian /Int. Server! Aion Online

Best Italian/International Server with 1.5 Original Aion NA Classic client / Daeva Pass / Events / Free Change Appearance and Gender / Arena, Dredgion, Siege System + Balaur Assaults / No Pay2win / Rates 2x / Little Bugs / Good Staff and Support / Lo

Triplate Ragnarok Online Ragnarok Online

Triplate Ragnarok Online Server Logo Malaysia Base Medium Rate Server 150x 150x 1x 3rd Job + Trans PRE-RENEWAL Max Lvl 175/60 Max ASPD 197 Custom Daily Quests, VIP, Vote and Many More..
Triplate Ragnarok Online Server Logo

Boss-WoW! WoW Private Servers

New Server [Started 6/1/2021] [Instant 80] [Funserver] [Scripted Instances][Wrath of the Lich King] [5000+ Items] [Custom Quests] [Custom Vendors] [Custom Scripted Bosses] [Progressive Server] [99 Uptime] [Stable Core] [JOIN NOW]

ZehrConquer 5095 Classic Conquer Online

[NEW CLASSIC 5095 Server][FRNC VDS 7/24][Level 137, Plus +12, 2 RB][FULL EVENT][NEW QUEST]

Mercury Korea P-Server! Cabal Online

Korea P-Serverperfect balanceTo make sure the effort is paid off.Pay to Win No

Greek MU! Mu Online

Hard ServerNon-Resetx80 Normal Levelx30 Mastery LevelMax 3 Socket Level 3Non Excellent 380Max 2 optionWing can be equipped to different charsYou can use up to 5 clientsOPEN FOR PHP

X5000 SEASON 17.2-2 OPENING 04.11.2022 Mu Online

X5000 SEASON 17.2-2 OPENING 04.11.2022 Server Logo Experience Rating: 5000x Experience Rating ML: 1000x Experience Rating MJ: 1000x Drop Rate: 30 Max Level: 400 Max Master Level: 1050 All Max Level: 1450 Max Stats: 32000
X5000 SEASON 17.2-2 OPENING 04.11.2022 Server Logo

Winter - Asias best free private server! WoW Private Servers

Asias best WoW Private Server. Low latency.

Cabal Prime Online Cabal Online

Open Real Money Transactions,Singapore Host Server,Mid Rate Server,Very Unique Gameplay,Easy Start for Newbies ,Premium Bead System,EPIC Booster System.

AkeronRO! Ragnarok Online

AkeronRO! Server Logo Pre-renewal/interfaz renewal 2dos jobs. 255/120 Card DRop: 0.1 MVP Card DROP: 0.01. rates 130/130/130. Sistema de combate elemental, equipo mediante quest cortas 100 free to play centrado a WOE y PVP.
AkeronRO! Server Logo

Glow Games MU - Season 6.3 Mu Online

Glow Games MU - Season 6.3 Server Logo [Season 6 Episode 3] [Itens valorizados] [Hard server] [Novos eventos] [Sistemas unicos] [Dedicado 24/48] [PLAY TO WIN]
Glow Games MU - Season 6.3 Server Logo

RF UNITY PVP [ CAP 66 ]! RF Online

Come Join Us Ready event : - Event Merger - Event Claim 60 - Event Guild And manymore

My-MS v0.83! MapleStory

.High-Rate.1000 EXP250 Mesos1 Drop.v0.83.Skill-Maxer.IOC.Vote-Rewards.Auto-JQ.MSI.BossPQ.GM-Job.Custom-WZ.Custom-MAPS.CatDoll-Currency.Custom-Hair/Face.Discord.AutoRB.AutoDoll.ItemVAC.Donor-Features.SuperDonor-Features.Much More

GTA Grand - 100k Free Grand Theft Auto

GTA Grand - 100k Free Server Logo Join tens of thousands of players. Stable servers, custom cars, fun gameplay. Get 100k Free at lvl 5 with this link
GTA Grand - 100k Free Server Logo

Epic Perfect World! Perfect World

Epic Perfect World! Server Logo 1.5.5 Elysium Expansion - The most popular international server - Over 7 years of professional development - Nation Wars, active PvP, custom events, custom dungeons - High rates with level 150 cap - Biggest fashion collection for free - Join our grea
Epic Perfect World! Server Logo

Mu-Titanium Mu Online

Mu-Titanium Server Logo Version:Season 6 Experiencia:9999x Item Drop:50 wcoin free Titanium 24/7 Online evetes bos BB BC DC drop good server item pets wing all STOR X SET COMPLET Mu Online top 100, 200 server, Mu Private Server, Mu servers
Mu-Titanium Server Logo

TrueWoW - Blizzlike WotLK Since 2010! WoW Private Servers

[WotLK 3.3.5a] [Blizzlike 1x rates with up to 3x XP choice] [PvE realm type] [Many transfer options] [Stable with some characters over 10 years old] [Quest completer for the few bugged quests] [Fair vote/donate rewards] [Active and fair GMs] [Close c