Rank Name Server Banner

Cabal TNT - TOP SERVER BR! Cabal Online

Server atualizado frequentemente, classes balanceadas, TG TOP e muito PVP e GVG



Lineagedos! Lineage2

True to the original Interlude chronicle with some modifications and improvements that we are sure you are going to love. ENJOY OUR SERVER

Everlook-WoW - Vanilla - 10 Man Raid! WoW Private Servers

Everlook-WoW - Vanilla - 10 Man Raid! Server Logo Fresh opened Vanilla Realm using vMangos Core. 1-5 XP Rate,changeable - 2x Skills/Professions - Free Class Trainer Spells - Anti-DDoS - Anti-Cheat - Scripted Instances and Raids - Progressive Patches
Everlook-WoW - Vanilla - 10 Man Raid! Server Logo


Season 6 Exclusive [ Exp: 5000x ][ Long Time Server ][ Stable Server 24/7 ][ Hunt Items amp Coins ][ No WebShop ][ Unique Gameplay ][ Ballanced PVP ][ Castle Siege Weekly ][ Join NOW]

Zeusko! Knight Online

ZeusKO Old Moradon and Old Colony Zone. Max lvl 80 Max Uniques +3 Armors +10 and Weapons +10. You can get your gear really fast. Vote system Server is opening official at 19/7/2016 come and Join Us.

Prime-MYKO v1298 - Medium Farm Server! Knight Online

Prime-MYKO v1298 - Medium Farm Server! Server Logo Farm amp PK Knight Online MYKO Server v1298 updated with the new generation customised events such as FT, DM, LNS, BDW, JM and with full of action
Prime-MYKO v1298 - Medium Farm Server! Server Logo

Cascade WoW 3.3.5! WoW Private Servers

Cascade WoW 3.3.5! Server Logo Haste Server - Instant Level 255 - Over 100M HP -- World chat - pocket Teleporter -- VIP system - VIP Commands - Starters gear - Upgrade able gear sets - Custom instances - Over 5000 custom items - Over 1000 custom quests - Custom Instances and Raids
Cascade WoW 3.3.5! Server Logo

BEST SERVER OPEN SEASON 4 21/10/15! Mu Online

BEST SERVER OPEN SEASON 4 21/10/15! Server Logo Mu Online Season 4, Unique and Professionally configured, x1000[dynamic] Balanced and Adjusted all game contents, premium Files and Anti- Cheat, Castle Siege, Interesting Events, Great Boss drop Rewards, Nice Leveling road, CashShop System, Stable 24
BEST SERVER OPEN SEASON 4 21/10/15! Server Logo

Sanctuary! Lineage2

Sanctuary will be primarily a non-commercial server, free of any fees, subsidies and micropayments We will play the High Five chronicle with x2 rates [spoil x3, quest x4]. You can find out the details on our website.

KontikiRose Online! Rose Online

High rate server based on EVO and iRose -- 1000x Exp -- Drop Rate is 50 with 3 drops per kill -- Zuly Rate is 35. -- MaxStats is 1700 per stat for any 3 stats -- and -- unlimited reborns.--Max Level 250-- Ingame ItemMall, Premium, Valor and Honor sho

RebirthRO! Ragnarok Online

RebirthRO! Server Logo RebirthRO 1000+ Hats many Custom Instances New renewal 3rd jobs Rebellion - Kagerou - Oboro server named Thor 100/100/10/2 Two classic servers: Loki 100/100/20 and Eir 5/5/3 600+ players online 100,000+ active players 100 secure web site Free Pokemon
RebirthRO! Server Logo

MasterWoW [Fun/Haste 3.3.5]! WoW Private Servers

Since 2017 - PvPvE and Fun/Haste Server like old Eternion, Sunset, Mondwow - NOT PAY TO WIN

[NEW] Classic! Conquer Online

coming soon sooon soon