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Cybernetic-LC! Last Chaos

Deutscher Last Chaos EP4 Privat Server.::..Keine Hohen EXP Raten..:: ::..Kleine Shop Preise..:: ::..Online Cash..:: ::..Levelcap 185..:: ::..Neue Chaos-Clubs..::

MU SPLINTER VII [ x50-x200 ]! Mu Online

MU SPLINTER VII [ x50-x200 ]! Server Logo YOU WILL BE FIRED FROM YOUR JOB IF YOU JOIN US HAHAH [ MUSPLINTER.COM ] With us EVERY player can use all the items, weapons and even wings of ANY class Do you know what else In MuSplinter classes does not affect the experience in the party
MU SPLINTER VII [ x50-x200 ]! Server Logo

Jade Dynasty Obscura Jade Dynasty

Server based on kernel 3.1.1. 1330.Bets x2. Gold x2.Own farm and donat currency.Frequent updates of the VIP system Various in-game actions The possibility of receiving a donation currency by the game method.High uptime of the server.

SWGFlurry! Star Wars Galaxies

Pre-cu 20xp Rates 1 account per Ip 10 characters MAX per account 2 characters MAX online per account. Village Jedi Unlock FRS Gray Jedi Spy Profession Melee Bounty Hunter Future Custom content NGE assets housing weapons armor loot. 50-100 Active Play

Jade Dynasty Reborn Classic! Jade Dynasty

Jade Dynasty Reborn Classic! Server Logo Jade Dynasty pure official CLASSIC 12 CLASSES server. Take part in the journey to the past.
Jade Dynasty Reborn Classic! Server Logo

Warlast PristonTale

RPG Classic Priston Tale

Cabal Union - Nostalgia Cabal Online

New Server Oct, 2022, Episode 8, Vote System, Craft Base Play, Easy Play.

Shaiya Guardian! Shaiya

Shaiya Guardian Episode 4.5 ,Exp x100,Max lapis Lv6, No debuff,No knockout Noss.DDOs Protected. PvP/ PvE server. 99 All items obtainable in game.

Paradise Found! Ultima Online

Paradise Found! Server Logo Family shard No PvP No Skill cap 300 stats Hundreds of custom deco items and new critters 9 facets including TERMUR fully spawned Shard is 17 years old Friendly helpful players and staff. Account creation is automatic so just log on and join us in Pa
Paradise Found! Server Logo

Helbreath Rebelion Helbreath

Server dedicadoLv. 200/200Ek x 5Eventos AutomaticosCaptureTheFlagDeathMachtTotalWarGunGamerIceworldDkSetHappy HourQuest x2Defense ShieldShinningSummon EventCity vs CityApocalypseNuevos MapasExp Medium-HighNuevos Sets y magias

MuPlanet Dynamic MuOnline! Mu Online

MuPlanet Dynamic MuOnline! Server Logo Dynamic XP, Dynamic Resets, NO WEBSHOP, Custom client, Auto updates, PROMO CODE: DREG-J4SH-OAY5
MuPlanet Dynamic MuOnline! Server Logo

ConquerLords! Conquer Online

ConquerLords! Server Logo Conquer-Lords is group of 5 Conquer Online Servers with 1000+ online. Our game has all Systems working 100 [Warrior WarSuit][Ninja Awaking][Inspired Trojan][Poker][Runes][Perfection][Jiang,Chi][Tail-Beast][Relics] With no Anima according to our playe
ConquerLords! Server Logo

PolskieMU Mu Online

Beta testyServer Settings- Version: Season 18- Experience: 300x

Mystical Unicorn The 2nd Coming! Ultima Online

Old school play. Custom Drop System you wont find anywhere else. Based on 2004 MU Core. Up over 2 yrs. Staff Events. Random Arena Spawns. Custom Dungeons. Evo Pets. Armor. Stealables. Casino. Training Area. Chat Sys. Forums/Wiki. NO PVP. Troll Free.

Jotunheim Ragnarok Home of the Giants! Ragnarok Online

Jotunheim Ragnarok Home of the Giants! Server Logo Renewal 30x30x10xEpisodio 17.1 Illusion Todos los illusion Dungeons Todas las Instancias Todos los jobs con rework oficial Gepard Shield 3.0 Increibles eventos de temporada Sistema de Quest y Recetas Pack de: Guild e individual, unete ya
Jotunheim Ragnarok Home of the Giants! Server Logo

RF Evilx Dev-corp Level .66 RF Online

RF Evilx Dev-corp Level .66 EXPx300-400 Online 1 minute 30/60 Cash Giveaway Events Lots of items Facebook GM

Malevolent FlyFF! Flyff Online

Malevolent FlyFF is the newest High Rate non p2w server. Earn dPoint while farming. Check out our worldboss system. Dive into all new worlds and Get strong with over 100 Rebirths, And defeat the enemy with daily siege and free-for-all.Join Today

CABAL AUOM Cabal Online

EP 8 Based, 6 Class, Farm to Win, Friendly Staff, Balanced Server

ELITE CONQUER! Conquer Online