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Server Name Cabal Prime Online
Game Cabal Online
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Cabal Prime Online

Open Real Money Transactions,Singapore Host Server,Mid Rate Server,Very Unique Gameplay,Easy Start for Newbies ,Premium Bead System,EPIC Booster System.

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Cabal Prime Information - Open Real Money Transactions [RMT] - Singapore Host Server - Mid Rate Server - Very Unique Gameplay - Easy Start for Newbies - Premium Bead System - EPIC Booster System [upgrade your gear to a new level] - World Boss Hunting everyday - 100 PlayToWin - Custom EP8 based Extreme Upgrade - Mercenary System - ChallengingGameplay [that means highest are dungeons are party only do-able] - Discord Live Support - Anti-Cheat [MSHIELD] client so that game is fair for everyone - Well tested droptables - Permanent Events [Double Drop and Triple Drop] - Farm to Win [all items can be acquired in-game by Playtime] Cabal Prime Rates - Bonus : Class Rank 20 , Honor Rank 0 -Unique Starting Gear - Start Level 100 - Max Level 200 - EXP: x5000 - Skill EXP: Transcender - Craft EXP: x50 - War EXP: x1 - Drop: x1 - x2 website:

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