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HikariRO! Ragnarok Online

Rates 40x40x30x / Max Lv. 200/70

L2 IPlay Interlude Lineage2

Adena x5, Exp x5, Spoil x1, Drop x1, Manor x1 ,Individual Web Vote System, Long term project with out wipe .L2interlude official files. Best Anti cheat guard.Very good DDos Protection. Brasil Proxy.Lagg less.

UO Renaissance : History Perfected! Ultima Online

UO Renaissance : History Perfected! Server Logo Renaissance is the only shard committed to making a balanced reproduction of the UO:R era 500+ Online/Unmatched Quality/No AFK Gathering/No Donation Shop/Fantastic Economy/Automated Events/Amazing Website/Come experience UO the way you remember it
UO Renaissance : History Perfected! Server Logo

Light-Conquer Network Classic Server Conquer Online

New Server Classic Client 5095 Start [21/9/2022]join Fast[No lag][Active STAFF] [Original 4 Classes][No Ninja][Old School] [Lottery][Dragon war][Elite War] [Elite PK] [Top Class][All Big Monsters][Flag And TiTle And VIP System]

KnightOnline1 v1453 Private Server! Knight Online

We are rolling back Knight Online to year 2006 , join us Exp,drop,pus,damages everything just like year 2006 USKO 100

Wild World Ultima Online

Vuelve el mejor servidor de Ultima Online de lengua hispana Wild World, pvn y pvp sin precast noskillcap Conquistas unicas Sistema de niveles descubrelo por ti mismo.

Neverendless-WoW - WoTLK 3.3.5a! WoW Private Servers

Neverendless-WoW - WoTLK 3.3.5a! Server Logo Neverendless-WoW - 9+ years and counting - NEW TrinityCore - NEW Website - NEW Discord Server - 3x leveling rates, other rates are blizzlike - Friendly and helpful staff - Active PvP and PvE Communities - Dedicated Development Staff - Join today
Neverendless-WoW - WoTLK 3.3.5a! Server Logo

PW Mirage! Perfect World

PW Mirage! Server Logo Enjoy the player created content, or create the content yourself - PW Mirage comes with a dedicated, web-based editor - The server launched April 2020 and went through a major refresh on June 2021 [ There was no wipe, and there never will be ]
PW Mirage! Server Logo

Krystal Tera MMORPG & MPOG

Krystal Tera Server Logo We are a new Tera Server with tons of quality of life improvements Lots of free fashions Lots of great opportunities for new players to enjoy a fresh new face to Tera Come Join Us
Krystal Tera Server Logo

Original Mu! Mu Online

Welcome to OriginalMU 0.97-0.99D dynamic exp Drop 30 PVPServer///Started 05.04.2020///ANTIHACK system/Custom Items///Resets ONLY INGAME///Active GMS///Funny and lot events with Rewards///amp More//

arkadia! WoW Private Servers

Bienvenido al servidor de wow-arkadia en sus versiones clasic burning lich king cataclysm y pandaria, esperemos que nuestro servidor le ofrezca grandes aventuras y este a la altura de sus expectativas.

Orient-Sro Silkroad Online

OrientSro EUampCH Cap 110 Old School Hard Rate Original System l GO 07-10-2022

Oasis WoW FUNSERVER 3.3.5A C CLASS! WoW Private Servers

[Servidor Custom 3.3.5a] Unico servidor con evolucion de personaje Nuevas Zonas, Monturas Custom, Nuevos Sets y mucho mas RAZAS Y CLASES CUSTOM DEMON HUNTER 3.3.5A

WarTale[US] Server 2D HarD 6609! Conquer Online GM : 01005307466

DragonSkin Conquer Online

New Server 6609 Drop 5Cps + Gold New Garment + ACC + Mount Wing All system Arena Work 100Poker PVP Online points

HELIX CABAL - Since 2008! Cabal Online

HELIX CABAL - Since 2008! Server Logo

HeliumMU Online Season 6! Mu Online

HeliumMU Online Season 6! Server Logo - Long Term Server 100- Dedicated OVH SG Server- Anti DDoS System- 32767 Max Stats- Exp: 1000x- ML exp: 500x- Level 400 ML 230- PK Server- 50 Drop rate- Active GMs- No Bias GM- Cheaters Auto Ban- Max 4 Option
HeliumMU Online Season 6! Server Logo

Limit MMO PK Ragnarok Online

Limit MMO PK Server Logo 15000x15000x1500x 4th Job Latest kRO equipment obtainable Heavily PK oriented server with unique systems Active GMs, player base, very good benefits to Donators. Stable and long term fun Recommended for busy ppl irl.
Limit MMO PK Server Logo