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Underground Evolution!

Underground Evolution is a text based mafia themed RPG game. In Underground Evolution, you can be whomever you want and do whatever you want to do. The game is endless in possibilities and with regular feature updates you will soon discover something

OG-SRO 110 Cap +6000 Stats Balanced

OG-SRO 110 Cap +6000 Stats  Balanced Server Logo Silk per Hour SystemEnjoy playing your build FW/CTF/BTA/JOB Cave - Party Buffers Disabled We are open to player suggestions and everyones opinion matter
OG-SRO 110 Cap +6000 Stats  Balanced Server Logo


Sanctuary will be primarily a non-commercial server, free of any fees, subsidies and micropayments We will play the High Five chronicle with x2 rates [spoil x3, quest x4]. You can find out the details on our website.

Mu CP Slow 1x!

Recuerdas el Global MU en el 2003/2008 Te traemos de regreso a esa epoca en una comunidad activa y cooperativa, olvidate de multicuentas, offattack o fantasmas reseteando todo el dia automaticamente. Mu CP te espera con nuevos eventos diarios, semana

StrikeMu x100 Grand Opening 21.october

Version - S6 Ep16,Exp - 100x,Drop -40x,PPL - 5/7,Reset - 400lvl,Max ML - 400x,ML EXP - 40x,GOOD SPOTS for training,FRESH RATE SERVER OPENING TODAY

KontikiRose Online!

High rate server based on EVO and iRose -- 1000x Exp -- Drop Rate is 50 with 3 drops per kill -- Zuly Rate is 35. -- MaxStats is 1700 per stat for any 3 stats -- and -- unlimited reborns.--Max Level 250-- Ingame ItemMall, Premium, Valor and Honor sho

Thunder Online!

Thunder Online! Server Logo Thunder Online is an active Eudemons private server with active community and players daily. Join to discover the best PVE and PVP experience. Professionally developed to bring the fairest server.
Thunder Online! Server Logo

NextGenMU Season18 100-50x FULL BALANCE

NextGenMU Season18 100-50x FULL BALANCE Server Logo


RebirthRO! Server Logo RebirthRO 1000+ Hats many Custom Instances New renewal 3rd jobs Rebellion - Kagerou - Oboro server named Thor 100/100/10/2 Two classic servers: Loki 100/100/20 and Eir 5/5/3 600+ players online 100,000+ active players 100 secure web site Free Pokemon
RebirthRO! Server Logo

D3 Reflection 2-0-1 Vanilla Fusion!

The FIRST REAL online Diablo 3 private server is here Auction/Legendary/Vanilla features.

ElMasry-Sro Cap 110 EU/CH Old School

[All unique drop Silk]-[Uniqes System]-[Rates 50x]-[ Balance Chinese and Europe]-[Trading system]-[Battle Arena enabled]-[SILK/H 1]-[CTF Enable]-[New Events]-[Find Out More] Lets relive the memories


SolaceRO! Server Logo Solace Ragnarok Online is aiming to build a large community of RO players. Staying close with the official setting. Imagine youre playing in an official server, but this time, there are no bots and there are devs who are actually tweaking things to i
SolaceRO! Server Logo

ValkyrieMU Season3!

x5000 ExperienceMax Level-400Webshop EnabledBalanced PVPNPC jewelsPerReset-10 Premium CreditsGrand Reset Reward-3000 CreditsVIP Can be bought using Premium CreditsFARMINGVoting systemVIP SYSTEM Enabled plus other rewards

Skalidor Online

100 Cap - Only CH - 330 Mastery - New System - Long Term - Balanced - Play 2 Win - Beta 21.10 - Grand Opening 04.11

MasterWoW [Fun/Haste 3.3.5]!

Since 2017 - PvPvE and Fun/Haste Server like old Eternion, Sunset, Mondwow - NOT PAY TO WIN

InfinityMU 100x Edition - Season 3!

InfinityMU 100x Edition - Season 3! Server Logo Season 3, Episode 1 - Exp and Drop: 100x / 60x - Balanced PvP - Max Resets: 60 - Grand Reset System - Long Term Server - Online 8+ Years without database wipes - Active Developers, Active GMs, Great Community: Helpful Players and GMs - Unique and Ba
InfinityMU 100x Edition - Season 3! Server Logo

Cabal Sysonym - Episode 29

6 Class - High Rate Server

[NEW] Classic!

coming soon sooon soon

Elysium Project Vanilla WoW!

Elysium Project  Vanilla WoW! Server Logo Continuation of the project Nostalrius, Vanilla Blizzlike server with active staff members and quality vanilla scripting. The server has a agressive anti-cheat and near perfect scripted instances. The server gets updated regularly with bug-fixes to e
Elysium Project  Vanilla WoW! Server Logo

BlazeMY Season 6

Exp: 500xMaster Exp: 200xDrop: 50x / jewels 50xMid Rate ServerNon Reset / Normal stats onlyMax level 400Max Master level 200


MU SEA SEASON 16 PART 1-2! Server Logo [MU SEA] [SEASON 16 EP 1-2] [MEDIUM RATE] [EXP 60x, 25x, 10x] [No Reset Server] [SINGAPORE SERVER] [Balanced PVP] [Legend MU Setting] [ARCA WAR SEPTEMBER] [ACTIVE DEVELOPER] [1 MONTH OLD SERVER]
MU SEA SEASON 16 PART 1-2! Server Logo


Season 6 up 13. Hunt based server. Farm to earn no spoon feed. Ultimate gaming experience and unique gameplay, friendly environment for all.

Viera Kingdom

Viera Kingdom Server Logo Viera Kingdom Chapter 1 Majors Vision is the first alpha version of a community project. If you want create your own flyff privat server enjoy our growing community
Viera Kingdom Server Logo

BetoConquer 2D New Server OnlyPK!

Full equipment in 15 seconds, server only for PK fight for the nobility and your guildEquipamiento full en 15 segundos, servidor solo para PK lucha por la nobleza y tu gremio

Shaiya Ryzen : The Final Chapter!

The one and Only One Real Eposide 5 is coming back with many news real features New Systemrs Reward for PVP and Farming,new costumes and weapons skins, Free Ending Gear,Free Lapis 5 6 7 and more 11 December 2021.