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Settlers 5095 P-Sever You Should Try It! Conquer Online

5095 Server.Drop 1000 Cps. Assassin Pirate Monk Ninja Wrath Of Trojan Work On 5095 For First Time With Fixed Attack. 3 Quests Per Hour. 170 Garments.Need HelpDesks From Foreigner Countries. Wearing 2 Weapons System.You Can Select Your Weapons Sty

[: ISRO Classic :] INCREDIBLE SRO! Silkroad Online

[: ISRO Classic :] INCREDIBLE SRO! Server Logo 80,000 Players Since 2010 Maximum Perfection No Bots No Lagg Vote4Silk 75 CAP 8D OLD JOB SYSTEM High Trade Rates Skill Reset Stat Point Reset MAX +20 Upgrade any Weapon to the next higher Degree JOIN NOW
[: ISRO Classic :] INCREDIBLE SRO! Server Logo

GodWar Ro - German Highrate Server Ragnarok Online

The German Highrate Server with 199 ASPD is back Join us on and have fun in hunting our Gods for special God equipment.

EnjoyConquer - The Return! Conquer Online

EnjoyConquer NEWSERVER [UPDATE 17-05-2021][GuildWar 50 usd][Old Jump][Bag CPS 5-50][Max 140/2st][Max Plus +12][Active Community][PvP Events][4 Ori/Classes][Good FPS/Low Ping][Host USA][Server Stable][VIP AUTO LOTTED][Medium Server][No Ninja/No Monk][

Relentless Perfect World! Perfect World

Relentless Perfect World: Mid rate server with many new features, instances, gear, loads of flyers, fashion. Helpful Staff, players and more. Come join the family and relax on our server.

Decay Dekaron The New Reborn Dekaron

Decay Dekaron The New Reborn Server Logo [Brand New][Mixed Actions w/ 12 classes][PVP/FARM Based][Epic High Protection][Custom System][Custom rates][Custom Gameplay][Starting lvl 200] [Max lvl 230][DKSQ][Discrod][PP System][Skin System][Mass PVP][Opening: First Week of November]
Decay Dekaron The New Reborn Server Logo

Rising Force - The Uprising! RF Online

-Golden Age Level Cap 65 Mid Rate Server PT amp Skill/Force: GM Loot Rate: x25 / x25 Shared Tempo Quest Reward Available Daily Quest Available RF Online Classic/Default Server

SevenConquer Conquer Online

SevenConquer Server Logo [English][Drop500 Cps VIP7 Drop 1000 Cps][FullAttack][Version 7520][FORGED IN MYTH][New Inspired Pirate][New Inspired Taoist][Storm of Arrow][New Almighty Warrior][High Rates][New Inspired Trojan][TEAM PK] [SKILL PK][Hourly events][Bosses]
SevenConquer Server Logo

ANHIMU [1.0M] [75x] [Custom]! Mu Online

ANHIMU [1.0M] [75x] [Custom]! Server Logo Open: 12 NOV 2021 / Market / Item Auction / Looking for new GM / New Zen, Jewel, Item Bank / Item Remove Option, Add Luck, Add Skill / No WebShop / Free Credits By Vote / Weekly BC/DS Rankings with rewards / Daily Events. Custom website written from
ANHIMU [1.0M] [75x] [Custom]! Server Logo

Shaiya End Of Dream DE! Shaiya

Hallo Liebe Shaiya suchtis.Wir sind ein EP 5.4 Einigen Features.Spezial Lapis, Max Lapis Lv7.EP/AP: durchs Voten/Farmen.Und vieles mehr kommt drauf und macht euch selber ein Bild.

LimitRO! Ragnarok Online

LimitRO! Server Logo PK Server with Rates: 1000/1000/100 - MaxLevel: 200/70 - Stable/Lagfree/Balanced - Since 2009, no wipes - Episode 17 - Great GMs and Players - Many Minigames - WoE/BG/PvP Intesnse - Daily Quests - Most close to official renewal gaming with Star Emper
LimitRO! Server Logo

Dekaron Geist :::Gucci:::! Dekaron

[Free to play. You can get all items for free] [Instant Max Level] [In-game Registration] [and more Unique contents] [Join us Now] [Download Link in Discord]

BIANKO Knight Online


Global WoW Server 1.12.1! WoW Private Servers

Global WoW Server 1.12.1! Server Logo Server Start on 01/11/2021 Vanilla 1.12.1-Rates x7 proff skills +5-Flight Paths, Cross Faction, Anti-Cheat System..-Custom Vendors Stormwind and OrgrimmarMore info go Website
Global WoW Server 1.12.1! Server Logo

TempleRAN Episode 4 Classic! Ran Online

TempleRAN Episode 4 Classic! Server Logo 4 Class - Episode 4 - Balanced Gameplay - Hunt Based Server - Official Tyranny Wars - School Wars - Capture the Flag - Tri-Gate Club Wars - Experienced Administrators - Professional Developers - Guaranteed Long Term
TempleRAN Episode 4 Classic! Server Logo

Illusion Knight Season 18 X50 Noreset Mu Online

Illusion Knight Season 18 X50 NoresetIllusion Knight Season 18 X50 NoresetIllusion Knight Season 18 X50 Noreset

Outbreak UO Shard! Ultima Online

450 Stat cap, No skill cap, 6/8 FC-FCR, Custom Quests,Craftables, Systems, Tameables, Bosses, Dungeons and Items.Town Houses, Earrings and Necklaces on loot, Spellcrafting, Training Room with quick gains, Token and Gold Room,Start with 10x100 skills,