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RF HellGate Wars! RF Online

Advanced MIDDLE-Rate server of the popular MMORPG game RF OnlineOn our server you will find exactly what all the fans of this beautiful game need The balance of all classes, the relevance of PvP fighters, the economy, the most active administration P

Max JD Starfall! Jade Dynasty

Starfall Version 16 Classes,NEW PLAYER EVENT, Easy Lvl up,Instant Tier 5 All Class, Easy Affinity, Easy Chroma Max, Easy Fate Gear, Working Fort Cloudstrom, Territory War, And Coronations

ExternalPW [HIGHRATE X10 LOWRATE X1]! Perfect World

ExternalPW [HIGHRATE X10  LOWRATE X1]! Server Logo

MU SEASON 6 EP 3 PART 17 X1000! Mu Online

MU SEASON 6 EP 3 PART 17 X1000! Server Logo Launch date: 13/11/2021 - at 13:00 Moscow time. New Wing for 5 lvl, New Set for 16 season, New Maps for 15 season, New Mobs for 15 season, New Ancient for 15 season, New Socket, New Boss for 15 season. There is no analogue Mu Online.
MU SEASON 6 EP 3 PART 17 X1000! Server Logo

WoW Freakz Battle for Azeroth! WoW Private Servers

WoW Freakz  Battle for Azeroth! Server Logo BFA 8.3.7 - FREE 110 boost until 31.12.2020 - Thousands of players online - Fresh 8.0.1 Content : All mythic+ dungeons and Uldir scripted blizzlike - All BFA storylines scripted
WoW Freakz  Battle for Azeroth! Server Logo

1.5.7 Classic - ARIGORA COLOSSEUM! Perfect World

New server. Version 1.5.7, 6 Races, 12 Classes, Exp/Sp/Money/Drop - x1. ARIGORA COLOSSEUM, Regular auto-events. Administration assistance 24/7. A lot of prizes, contests and gifts, also fashion, mounts, flyers and other cosmetics. JOIN US

L2Heavy! Lineage2

Interlude Server x50 - Custom Craft - Based on The Revolution Server year 2008 - Exclusives MODS

Faerlina MU! Mu Online

Season 3 Episode 1 Exclusive Experience: 50x Drop: 99 Maximum Stats: 32767 Vote Reward Reset level: 400 Grand Reset System Stable Server 24/7 Unique Gameplay Ballanced PVP Castle Siege ON Join our server together with us

Zarkana2 PVM HARD! Metin2

Zarkana2 PVM HARD! Server Logo S-a dat primul restart in cei 7 ani O noua versiune, pvm hard, nivel maxim 105, cu curele, fara lycan, fara alchimie, fara esarfe, fara sistem de energie, fara inele/ acadele/ amuleta/ oasele zeului dragon. Server-ul este indreptat foarte mult spre f
Zarkana2 PVM HARD! Server Logo

NiktoutRO Chaos SHR 1M/1M/10 IS BACK ! Ragnarok Online

NiktoutRO Chaos SHR 1M/1M/10 IS BACK ! Server Logo Your old NiktoutRO Chaos Super High Rate Server is back 1M/1M/10 Max level 999/120, Max stats 500, auto events, Gold Room, vote rewards, item mall, super MvPS and more Check our server out and lets make it to the top
NiktoutRO Chaos SHR 1M/1M/10 IS BACK ! Server Logo

Warcraft MU Season3 Episode1! Mu Online

Warcraft MU Season 3 Episode1 -EXP: MAX-DROP:MAX -MAX: Level 400-Reset Level:400 -Vote System: ON-WebShop System: ON-BOX OF Kundun: In SHOP-GameGuard: ON-Balance PVP System: ON-Ancient +Excelent System: ON

Underground Evolution! Gaming Websites

Underground Evolution is a text based mafia themed RPG game. In Underground Evolution, you can be whomever you want and do whatever you want to do. The game is endless in possibilities and with regular feature updates you will soon discover something

Mu CP Slow 1x! Mu Online

Recuerdas el Global MU en el 2003/2008 Te traemos de regreso a esa epoca en una comunidad activa y cooperativa, olvidate de multicuentas, offattack o fantasmas reseteando todo el dia automaticamente. Mu CP te espera con nuevos eventos diarios, semana

Thunder Online! Eudemons Online

Thunder Online! Server Logo Thunder Online is an active Eudemons private server with active community and players daily. Join to discover the best PVE and PVP experience. Professionally developed to bring the fairest server.
Thunder Online! Server Logo

D3 Reflection 2-0-1 Vanilla Fusion! Diablo

The FIRST REAL online Diablo 3 private server is here Auction/Legendary/Vanilla features.

ValkyrieMU Season3! Mu Online

x5000 ExperienceMax Level-400Webshop EnabledBalanced PVPNPC jewelsPerReset-10 Premium CreditsGrand Reset Reward-3000 CreditsVIP Can be bought using Premium CreditsFARMINGVoting systemVIP SYSTEM Enabled plus other rewards

InfinityMU 100x Edition - Season 3! Mu Online

InfinityMU 100x Edition - Season 3! Server Logo Season 3, Episode 1 - Exp and Drop: 100x / 60x - Balanced PvP - Max Resets: 60 - Grand Reset System - Long Term Server - Online 8+ Years without database wipes - Active Developers, Active GMs, Great Community: Helpful Players and GMs - Unique and Ba
InfinityMU 100x Edition - Season 3! Server Logo

Elysium Project Vanilla WoW! WoW Private Servers

Elysium Project  Vanilla WoW! Server Logo Continuation of the project Nostalrius, Vanilla Blizzlike server with active staff members and quality vanilla scripting. The server has a agressive anti-cheat and near perfect scripted instances. The server gets updated regularly with bug-fixes to e
Elysium Project  Vanilla WoW! Server Logo