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New Glory Conquer [2D]!

We offer you the best server for this year..[Glory-Conquer]...version: 2D.. [Drop 500 Cps].[TopsMonester 10M Cps] Donation[10 Kings-20 Princes-20 Duke]...Unique Game...There is no gap or problem...Welcome all of you to our server

rWorld Perfect World Hungary 1.5.5!

rWorld Perfect World Hungary 1.5.5! Server Logo Gyere es jatsz Magyarorszag egyetlen Perfect World Szerveren.Verzio 1.5.5. Minden szorzo 2x.PVE PVP tamogatott.A szerveren elerhetoek a G16-os fegyverek es pancelok.Ha jo magyar kozossegben akarsz jatszani akkor itt a helyed
rWorld Perfect World Hungary 1.5.5! Server Logo

MUWAR - S6 E3 Original [Unique] !

Fresh re-open. Online since 2005, MuWar Online seeks to give the best to lovers of this fabulous MMORPG-style adventure game. We invite you to discover a old best S6E3 MU world, but a new features and community. Experience on server changes every day

Cavaleiros do Zodiaco Saint War!

CDZ online, cavaleiros do zodiaco online

World of The Gods 335a Level 255!

[Up Since 2008][700k+ players][Fun Level 255-WotLK][No lag][Stable Core][Working Arena][Fully scripted instances][Cata/MoP Mounts][Custom Instances, Items, Titles, etc][Malls, Transmog, Portable Teleport NPC][Active PvE][Custom PvP Zone][Balanced PvP

Shaiya Astelya Origins!

Episode 6 , PvP, Grinding, Farming and Boss Hunting, Max Level 70, Max Lapis Lv7, Instant Level 15 - 30 - 70, Kill Rate x2 x3 during week-end , , No Knockout Nostrum, FREE 30 Days CRR, PID, EE, Premise Points can be obtained...

Whispering Pines!

Fun, family oriented PVM shard. Friendly and professional staff. Customs include items, monsters, quests and towns, with more being added all the time. Easy start professions remove much of the training drudgery. No skillcap, 365 statcap (with scrol

Rohan Extreme!

PvE Server Level Cap: 115, No Overpower Damage/Items, Active Antihack, Balanced PvP, Active Hunter Kit, Advance Monkey, Stable, and No Lag, Farm to WIN, Join now.

WoW.Zero The Skull of Karma!

Join this great community playing WoW - Unete a WoW.Zero en un server Blizzlike, de mano de la comunidad de juegos MAS GRANDE DE HABLA HISPANA, ComunidadZero.

Messatsu Priston Tale!

Messatsu Priston Tale! Server Logo Old School Server - Start Lv 01 - 120 Lvl Cap - 20x Exp - Max Itens 102 - Full Drops - 8 Original Classes - Tier 4 - Hells Gate - Quests Book [L] - Coins and Premium itens Dropable - New Server [Launch AUG 2021].
Messatsu Priston Tale! Server Logo


DragonFireBG! Server Logo We have invested a lot of time and effort into creating this server. Our goal is to preserve the Bulgarian playerbase and keep them in one place. We are using the original DragonFire database with all your old accounts and characters. The XP rate can
DragonFireBG! Server Logo

USS Ragnarok Online!

255/120 2500x/2500x/Normal Card 5/MVP 1/Custom items/Balanced/at old tradion but with new view Welcome all nostalgi players to our server

Neverlands Phoenix!

Description: Neverlands Phoenix is a continuation of the great Neverlands. We have many new and custom things for players to enjoy on our shard. Currently we enjoy a dedicated fan base and we are hosted on a high end dedicated server. Come join us

aeRO Gaming Artificial Entertainment!

High rate(999/80) Mid rate(255/80)Low rate(99/70)Friendly GMs and Supportive, Daily events, Stable and Dedicated, 100 balance server guaranteed. WoR and many EVENTS (2200+players). Give us a try _

Hentai Games!

Hentai Games! Server Logo My Games: v 2.0. Better navigation and mobile friendly
Hentai Games! Server Logo


Servers rate: x10Rate Drop:x10 ML rate: x10Server Chronicles: Season 6 MaximumGrand Reset with: 50resetMaximum Resets: 100Stats for Reset: DW / DK - 500 Points ELF - 500 MG - 700 DL - 700 SUM - 500 RF-500

Back2Basics 2.4.3 - blizzlike PvE/PvP!

Back2Basics 2.4.3 - blizzlike PvE/PvP! Server Logo TBC mit Garantie - EP-Raten ca 2x - alle geoeffneten TBC-Instanzen blizzlike und anspruchsvoll gefixt (Hyjal, Auge. Schachevent) - PvP oder PvE Account moeglich - OpenPvP - nette Com - Char/Gildentransfer - FreundeWerbenSystem - ForenAccount legt Gam
Back2Basics 2.4.3 - blizzlike PvE/PvP! Server Logo

Card Captor RO :: Collect all cards!

Card Captor RO :: Collect all cards! Server Logo 5/5/5 99/50 ALL cards give permanent bonus to account NO multi-client [Gepard Shield 3.0] Maps of the Day Auto-Events 300 Costume hats + wings Host in US-East Ep 12 [Launched 16th March]
Card Captor RO :: Collect all cards! Server Logo

Shaiya ORION!

Episode 5.4, Max Level 70,Exp Rate : Instant Level,PvP/PvE,Max Lapis Lv7,Kill Rate x1,Debuff lapisses not available.FREE starter gears and weapons,Hyper active staff members,Shared kills on all raids,150 slot raid,New maps,Dungeon maps available.Even

RagnaBrothers - HIGH - GepardShidl v3!

2 Servidores sem lag, staff amigavel e servidor novo, venha jogar. Hoster em varios lugares do mundo sem lag, + de 14 eventos automaticos, servidor com batalha campal eamod e woe animadas, clique aqui e venha jogar

Arunafeltz Ragnarok Online!

Arunafeltz Ragnarok Online! Server Logo Arunafeltz Ragnarok Online Try us now
Arunafeltz Ragnarok Online! Server Logo

Scent Sword Conquer Private Server!

Scent Sword  Conquer Private Server! Server Logo Hard Classic level 137 Reborn 2 Plus +12 Old Jump No Tower No Fan No Epic No Ninja No Monk ...
Scent Sword  Conquer Private Server! Server Logo

VanillaGaming - Classic wow 1.12.1!

VanillaGaming - Classic wow 1.12.1! Server Logo 10 years of uptime, Blizzlike server, 1-15x xp rate set by in-game command, Scripted Instances, Outdoor PVP, Working Pathfinding for creatures and pets, Events, Active Battlegrounds, Naxxramas open and fully scripted, Lag-free and professional develo
VanillaGaming - Classic wow 1.12.1! Server Logo

Sunny Pirates Online!

New private server, CO based server and client, rates exp 10x/ growth 10x / party exp 20x, max level 100, daily gifts, weekly events, custom dungeon- and haven warper, custom quests, PK arena and much more. Friendly and supportive GM staff. Come join

Flyff Novo Mundo!

Servidor Brasileiro de Flyff varios sistemas customizados como: Vendedor Offline, Macro, Power Ups Automaticos entre outros.. Venha Conferir