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Asatru l Only CH l Cap 80 Progressive! Silkroad Online

Asatru l Only CH l Cap 80 Progressive! Server Logo Asatru l Only CH l Cap 80 [Progressive] l Low Rates l Cap 90 update 04.12.2021 l Experience Labor
Asatru l Only CH l Cap 80 Progressive! Server Logo

MUWAR Original [Unique Game Project] Mu Online

MUWAR Original [Unique Game Project] Server Logo Play MuWAR x1000 4K Interface Custom events, maps, items Earn bonuses amp rewards Get a BOOST when new server is launched Feel free to invite friends via referral program Register right now
MUWAR Original [Unique Game Project] Server Logo

RF BANANA AOP 24/7Open since August 2020! RF Online

EXP x7[x10], 60 lvl cap. Soon update with 70 and 80 lvl cap. Already 1 year stable online 24/7, 144 FPS, Autoloot, Autotarget, PVE locations, EXP drop. One of best solo and party PVE gameplay, enjoy nostalgia. No pay-to-win

RF 4Fun! RF Online

Servidor de Rising Force - Rates: 500x xp, 30x drop, 100x sell rate, Pts e Force GM. Vers

GM Perfect World Aion gmperfectworldcom Aion Online

Spawn items and do crazy things Custom female 3D models 24/7 PvE and PvP events gmperfectworldcom

EUONLINE! Silkroad Online

Silkroad Private server 2020cap 110 egy items

Distant Land Ultima Online

Distant Land is a living Breathing world, With new map new monsters new art work, new type of game play. So come join a magical world that has fun and adventure in every corner, come check out Distant Land Today.

L2 Tempest! Lineage2


PlayRO! Ragnarok Online

New Russian server PlayRO.Episode 17.2 Rates: 7x7x5

WoW.Zero The Skull of Karma! WoW Private Servers

Join this great community playing WoW - Unete a WoW.Zero en un server Blizzlike, de mano de la comunidad de juegos MAS GRANDE DE HABLA HISPANA, ComunidadZero.

Perfect World Classic Perfect World

Perfect World Classic Server Logo The server is a true classic of the golden era of Perfect World, Version: 1.3.6.Number of races: 3 races and 6 classes.Rates: x1.Max level: 105.Final equipment: Temple of Twilight, Valley of the Moon and Rank equipment.
Perfect World Classic Server Logo

Shaiya Valhalla! Shaiya

Shaiya ist derzeit einer des Besten Deutschen Privaten Server in Deutschland der Offiziell Episode 5.2 ist.

retRO Online - Episode 6 - 1x/1x/1x/1x! Ragnarok Online

Pre-renewal- follows the development of the classic euRO server, currently at Episode 6- Renewal and 3rd Jobs will never be implemented- There is no donation system and no cash shop, which means absolutely no pay2win. Master Storage.

UO Evolution - [DEDICATED SERVER]! Ultima Online

UO Evolution - [DEDICATED SERVER]! Server Logo UO Evolution [ML/SE/SA/UW]USA shard with the most custom content anywhere No skill caps, 350 Stat Cap, Fast gains, New Champs, Hundreds of custom monsters/Items, 150+Quests, Custom crafting, New Spell system, Townhouses, Animal Breeding
UO Evolution - [DEDICATED SERVER]! Server Logo

TLZ MU Mu Online

Mu Online S12Beta versionIGC X

Mystery Raid [New Era]-Chapter 1-Part 2! Cabal Online

Mystery Raid [New Era]-Chapter 1-Part 2! Server Logo Get up to 150,000,000 stats for your character, millions of eCoins, insane powers, mercenary with billions of damage, unique bosses, lots of events and an oldschool neat hardcore channel
Mystery Raid [New Era]-Chapter 1-Part 2! Server Logo

Revelation Conquer! Conquer Online

Revelation Conquer opened October 1 2020. Daily 300+ players and Daily War/Events. Max130 level , Plus 9 , Bless 5. Tortoise Gem. Our own Design Garments-Cosmetics.Check our website or discord for more details

GloryCo[3D]Server With Ninja Archive Conquer Online

GloryCo[3D]Server With Ninja Archive Server Logo Golry CO the First Server On Africa HostesFull Fixed Game More Fun Then Any Another Server Vote For US DRop Random 5kAll U need Will Get it for Free We Have Anima Full Fixed Not like any one other WE will Be happy If u Jone To US.
GloryCo[3D]Server With Ninja Archive Server Logo

Lineage 2 Scarlet! Lineage2

Lineage 2 Scarlet Freya 15x PvP[vE] long-term server. PvP[vE] Areas / Events / Seed of Infinity / Seed of Destruction / Seed of Annihilation / Freya raid / Castle Sieges / Olympiad every 2 weeks / Updates every week / Raiding ... Join Us Its Free