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opened 6/4/21 classic conquer online max level130 2nd reborn adding new features often 5classes available vip bonuses working nobility 25,50,75 cp drops so it doesnt take the fun away from the game we are a new community so come and join the fun maki

Conquer Mercenarios BR!

[BR][Classic][8 Anos Online][Itens Cosmetics][Ranking 5 King 15 Prince 30 Duke,Talismans,[30+ Eventos PK][Lvl 130, +12, 2RBs][Drop de 30 Cps Super Drop 50 Cps][Versao 5095]


New Classic Server join Fast [No lag][Active STAFF][Original 4 Classes][No Ninja][Old School][lottrey][Dragon war][Elite war][Elite PK][lastman][pola city][race][top class][snow banshee][Quest Scand][Terato Dragon]

SerenityCO 2020 - Clas...

[High Rate Server][Cosmetic Only Donation Rewards][Classic CO Style Gameplay with Custom Content and Features][Lvl 137 Max][+12 dmg-7 HP+255 Max][Tao/Arch/War/Troj/Ninja Only][No Toxic Fog][No BP][No Talismans][No Lotto][New HD Maps][Auto Meteor Spam

Joker Privete Server[5...

[5517][AutoHunt][Low Ping][Free Stuff][Free level],Play Experience our PVP/PVE Events like [Arena][Capture The Flag][GuildWar][EliteGW][ElitePK][SkillTeamPk / Teampk][New Bosses] Begin your journey with us Join now

Elarab-Co - New Server...

[Version 7110][Arabic and English][ThunderStrike][Old Twin City Map][Transfer Servers][Cross Servers][Drop 1000 Cps][Award to vote][Prize For New Players][Without systems that cost time and money like the InspiredTrojan,Relic,Rune,TailedBeasts And An

New Glory Conquer [2D]!

We offer you the best server for this year..[Glory-Conquer]...version: 2D.. [Drop 500 Cps].[TopsMonester 10M Cps] Donation[10 Kings-20 Princes-20 Duke]...Unique Game...There is no gap or problem...Welcome all of you to our server

Tigers of Egypt!

[2D][Ver6609 PVP][Medium Average][Stuff+12 cps][Drop 1-18 vip ],[Top Allt 3k Cps][Guild War100k-Cps 3Token cup] [Now][Perefection][PVP Tournament][Full Attack][SkillTeam][TeamPK][ElitePk][Free VIP vot][low ping]

Demise CO - PVP Server!

[Free Items +5] [Less Ping] [No Ninja/Monk] [Classic Style] [Daily Events] [Daily Bosses][Max +9][Max 130] [1st Reborn][20 PVP Events][High Rate][USA Hosted]

Honor Conquer - Classi...

Classic Server, Max lvl 130, +9, 1rb, Only 4 main classes, low rates, PVE and PVP events,TCGW, SGW, CCGW, Classic Quests, Mining, .etc , Balanced, Custom Client, High FPS, Low Ping, Full Screen, HPBAR, Weapon Cosmetics, Duel Arena, Free Unlimited VIP


Welcome to CityOfRage : Server 2D Full free status +12 P7 -Free Jain -Free Chi- and inner for sure - Drop 15,000 - Kings 15 , Prince - 35 Full Duke full class hope you enjoy with us


VERSION 5517,HIGH RATES , DRAGON BALL DROP [EXCHANGE BY : 50 CPS] ,VERY HARD SERVER LIKE CONQUER 2.0 ACTIVE , Soul P6 From Big monster only , Monk Last version , enjoyServer is supported until 2023 with the possibility to extend support according to

NarutoConquer - Versio...

New Classic Server. [Play To earn money 100USD out a game every Monthly GW][Ninja and Monk][Training Bot SS/FB][2Hit Zone][Best Ping and Gameplay ever]Lottery][Auto Hunt][Classic System][-Banshee-Terato][Special events only here]

Paradise Conquer New C...

[Classic New Server] [+300 Online] [True Classic Experince] [Low Rate] [Play2Win] [PVE Quests] [PVP Events] [4 Classes] [First Reborn] [Max 130 / +9] [Custom Mining] [Low Ping] [EU/US/NA/RU] - 28/3/2020


Pochinki_EU,Friends_US-English,Random drop[1,25]Cps ,Bug Free ,,New Skin Anima ,New Inspired Trojan ,New Rune Skills, Thunder Strike Class ,professionally developed according to the players needs, active customer service 24/7,Cross server tournaments

Scent Sword Conquer P...

Hard Classic level 137 Reborn 2 Plus +12 Old Jump No Tower No Fan No Epic No Ninja No Monk ...

Settlers 5095 P-Sever ...

5095 Server.Drop 1000 Cps. Assassin Pirate Monk Ninja Wrath Of Trojan Work On 5095 For First Time With Fixed Attack. 3 Quests Per Hour. 170 Garments.Need HelpDesks From Foreigner Countries. Wearing 2 Weapons System.You Can Select Your Weapons Sty

EnjoyConquer - The Ret...

EnjoyConquer NEWSERVER [UPDATE 17-05-2021][GuildWar 50 usd][Old Jump][Bag CPS 5-50][Max 140/2st][Max Plus +12][Active Community][PvP Events][4 Ori/Classes][Good FPS/Low Ping][Host USA][Server Stable][VIP AUTO LOTTED][Medium Server][No Ninja/No Monk][


[Version 5095][Old Classes only][Max 130 Level][2 Reborn only][New Garments][VIP Cup][Dragon War][+50 players]

Mastery Online V 5095....

[V.5095][Max +15 140][[Guild Football War]][Guild War][Guild Big War][Capture The Flag][5 Mobs/hr][Pokemon Quest][Wind Walker][Dragon Warrior][Pirate][Monk][Ninja][Epic Warrior][Epic Taoist][Epic Ninja][Epic Monk][Epic Trojan][24 Different Wars/Day][


Conquer-Lords is group of 5 Conquer Online Servers with 1000+ online. Our game has all Systems working 100 [Warrior WarSuit][Ninja Awaking][Inspired Trojan][Poker][Runes][Perfection][Jiang,Chi][Tail-Beast][Relics] With no Anima according to our playe


Client5095]EliteFox Online 15/10/2021 [24HORA/ Drop de cps50k evento de 15 em 15 minuto,mais de 35 eventos diferente Todas as Classes 100 [Plus+12]leve facil[Level 140][todos os top full]de cps[eventos 24horas]GW 10.kk CPs novo NPC novo Boys novo Eve

LostWorld Co 1,0 - Ope...

Free Stuff +4[Old School][Classic Conquer 1,0][Old Jump][Hard Rates][Max +9/130/ 1st Rebirth][Mine Rates][Hard socket rates][Drop DBs][CustomClient-LowPing-FullScreen][New Garments][MoonboxQuest][Arena Qualifier][ElitePK][CTF][AntiCheat][Vote/OnlineP

Conquer Ragnarok 5090!

Servidor Brasileiro - v5090 - Max Level 140 - Com Ninja e Talisman - Sem Pure Skills - Sem DragonSouls - Drop: DragonBalls e CPs -Eventos PvE/PvP exclusivos - 250+ Garments - AutoHunt e 500+ Acessorys - Inaugurado 20/11/2020.

FadedConquer Classic!

[90 DAYS VIP FREE][Hard Classic Gameplay][NYC Hosted][Old School][Low Rates][Max Level 130][Maximum +9][1 RB][Old Jump][Four Main Classes][NO Talismans][No CPS][Mining][PVP Events][PVE Quests][Class PK][Anticheat][Dungeon System][Grinding Points Syst