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Server Name Grand Open 27.01.2024
Game Mu Online
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Status Live
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Join Date 2023-11-30 17:44:39

Grand Open 27.01.2024

Version: Season 6 Maximum Experience rate: x35 ML experience rate: 5% Drop rate: 30% Max Level: 400 Max Level ML: 200 Max stats: 32767

Full Description


We have prepared many useful features so that you don't lag behind others and have access to Premium content for free. Events, quests, bosses and locations - with our help you won’t get lost.


Quest system

As you receive tasks, you will quietly become familiar with all the features of Sunrise x35. Simple tasks will provide your character with starting equipment and useful items. Sunrise x35 is much more than it seems - explore the project while playing.



Hunt monsters, defeat bosses, go through events and take part in the Siege of the Castle. Events will not only tell you what to do tonight, but will also provide a guaranteed reward for your efforts. Don't know where to go next? Open Events and go ahead.



We have reworked several locations - added new quests, improved respawn or the number of mobs, and made the loot from them richer and more relevant. Each update opens up new profitable locations for farming. Rediscover forgotten locations, one of them will provide you with comfortable farming of zen, stones and more.



Tired or don't have time to beat mobs? OffAfk allows you to quickly gain a large amount of experience, a guaranteed chance to knock out some of the current equipment even in offline mode. In addition, this will be a great help for players who spend a lot of time at work and cannot leave the computer on at home.

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