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Server Name Rise of Kingdoms Private Server
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Rise of Kingdoms Private Server

《Rise of Kingdoms Private Server》 - benefits a lot of super cool experience.

Full Description

1: Fixed chat support language translation,
2:10 Deluxe package free for 7 days,
3: Resources multiplied by 5
4: The collection speed is 5 times
5: March speed +30%
6: Multi-language, new languages Russian, Chinese traditional.
7: Free Gems 10000, 50000 RSS, free 24-hour acceleration: 100000.
8:21 Day login adds multiple resource items
9: Fix 4th Clan, AP.
10: New online, a lot of benefits, please experience the game.

- Main quests and sidelines and chapters x5 times
- Expedition 3 times reward
-vip package 5X bonus
- 5x bonus for Extra Value packages
- Diamond Mall, +vip package

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