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Server Name Gonicka Star PW
Game Perfect World
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Status Live
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Gonicka Star PW

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Gonicka is the beginning of something new. We want our players to feel appreciated because without you the fun doesnt begin. Come check us out to learn more.

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We encourage you to come take a look at what we have to offer, for we have many things. With active GMs you are sure to have some fun. Weekly events and BIG give aways we are a down to earth gaming experience. Every Monday is server maintenance where the Admin team refresh, update and address bugs. Tuesdays are Free drop Tuesday event where GMgives BIG prizes to players. This is a grind to win server with 7x the experience and drops. You do have the option of using shop items to lvl instantly. We try to offer an environment with less toxicity. Lvl 30 puts you into pk mode as this has helped lower the lvl of toxic players. Respecting each other is what we want to see. We have somesecret 3 wish GM where if the GM picks you u get 3 wishes items of your choice-to an extent. Yes we do have real cash prizes during Tuesday GM event 1 player will receive a gift card code to places like iTunes, Netflix or whatever there is that day. The more players in the server the more players can win such rewards. Donations do help continuethat event but is not required to win or play. We are a player minded server meaning without you things Arnt possible. We want you to have a good experience, so our team is available to answer questions and resolve concerns and we always love to hear new ideas as our community grows. Gonicka Star PW is not a web page-based server meaning you donot need to use the website for anything except to register and vote. We believe that talking, Dming and ticket submission is best done through our discord. Fast response is key. We dont allow any kind of cheating that affects players abilities. No moding of skills stats or clicker bots. We have everything you need already. Instances that haveopen bugs we allow. glitching tt bosses, wall jumps, etc. We have an open-door policy. We are about Equality. Any language is welcome. Our future depends on you.

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