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Server Name Thunder Online!
Game Eudemons Online
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Status Live
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Join Date 2022-10-10 16:04:33

Thunder Online!

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Thunder Online is an active Eudemons private server with active community and players daily. Join to discover the best PVE and PVP experience. Professionally developed to bring the fairest server.

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Thunder Online! Reviews

it suck.. i already play a month.. this game have been conquer with 1 player and 6 sub acc. all bos mob map they conquer.. if new player come play.. they kill avery map.. dont want that player kill the bos.. if someone take the boss that player will hunt you averyday.. even admin is he friend.. so he can do anything in there.. That admin doesnt carw obout new player.. even you donate 1000usd... admin doesnt care...better dont play..


2022-11-22 19:34:06